February Femmes Fatales

February 2014

Finally! February Femmes Fatales - THE BOOK - is out, with new dark dames and additional bonus material to terrify you. Find out more... or buy now!




August 2013

FFF was a powerful force of dark fiction and poetry during 2011 and 2012. Now, the amazing stories and poems from such talented female writers is coming together in book form, to be published by Lily Childs and Ganglion Press.

You can read the earlier stories and poems here, but the book will contain a lot of 'bonus material' so don't miss out on the darkness. Come back soon for more news...


February Femmes Fatales 2012 

Twenty-nine days of dark fiction and horror by sixteen of the best female writers on the scene.

Congratulations to everyone that contributed this year!

All the stories and poems smouldered away in The Feardom's halls to stroke your fear bones as the writers emerged one by one, bringing us horror, humour, fear and - dare I say it - a wickedly dark joy.

Please, if you missed any of the contributions that appeared every single day throughout the month of February, do take the time to visit - or revisit - the wonderful dark fiction and poetry from these excellent authors:

Background to FFF

On the first day of 2011 I awoke with a wish. I wanted to bring together some of the wonderful women writers  I'd had the privilege to meet over the previous 18 months.

These marvellous creatures had contributed to my weekly flash fiction/poetry challenge, Lily's Friday Prediction, or we had shared spaces on ezines and in print anthologies, on forums and blogs.

The concept of February Femmes Fatales quickly grew. I invited sixteen writers to contribute dark fiction or poetry, expecting a few to respond, and that I'd showcase one or two a week throughout February.

By the time the submission deadline arrived, thirteen writers had signed up and submitted 24 pieces between them. I realised I had almost enough to fill the entire month. Adding four of my own works filled the gap.

You can still read the deliciously dark pennings by 2011's February Femmes Fatales, listed below.

In the meantime, if you would like to be invited to write for FFF 2012, please use my contact form to send me your details. I'll reply by email and add you to the list.

February Femmes Fatales 2011:


  1. Thanks for putting this all together, Lily! It must have been a bit intense for you, trying to keep us all (more or less!) under control this last month but I think everyone who's dropped by the Feardom will agree it was worth it!

    Well done! Take a bow (and take a rest! )

  2. WooHoooooo . . . I'm off to shine up my teal heeled stilettos and slink into something cleavagy midnight blue to write up Femme Fatalish for the likes of You.

    Gosh, gush and gal-power gumption ~ What a classy bunch of dynamic dames I join. Grace o'my Thanks Lily ... you're every cool cat's major meowwww.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate
    Author/Presenter-Promoter and bon vivant around WebTowne . . .

  3. Okay ladies... I'm looking forward to some sleepless nights... let the 'telling begin!

    Lily... don't be surprised if you get a request from me next year for an invite. :)


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