Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Easy Prey by Laurita Miller - February Femmes Fatales

Short, sharp and shocking Laurita Miller's second February Femmes Fatales tale may be a quick read but it packs a pretty punch.

It's one of the things I really like about Laurita's writing; she can be quite economical with words but she uses them in such a wise way. As I'm sure many Predictionees will agree, getting a complete tale or rounded vignette into a hundred or two words is quite a skill.

Travel into the dark alleyway of Laurita's world...


Shoved violently against the wall, hairy forearm across the back of my neck, he was on me before I could react. His breath came in hot bursts against my cheek, ugly words carried on foul air, begging for a reaction.

He got one.

Within seconds he was on his back, my size five boot pushed under his chin and held there. I watched the light in his eyes fade, fade, flicker, and go out.

I took a deep, shaking breath and savoured the rush of adrenaline that surged through my body. A delicious high.

I smiled and wiped the blood from my swollen lip. There’s always one that can’t resist the lure of a lone female at night.


_________ The End _________

Bio: Laurita Miller lives on a rock and sometimes comes out of her basement for coffee. Her work is scattered all over the web, like flies. She blogs here –


  1. This story illustrates that the difference between hunter and prey is not always obvious...nicely told tale, Laurita!

    Ummm...I'm cancelling our next coffee meeting...

  2. You deliver an exquisitely thrusting kick with this story, Laurita, which has a very sharp edge to it. It is as delightfully easy to 'see' the snappy dance between bodies and the unexpected twist played out in the alleyway, as it is to read here on the screen with your clever choreography of words.

  3. Short, sharp and ever so sweet! Nice work, Laurita.

  4. There's usually a reason a woman is out in the night, alone, and that reason often comes with a lot of baggage.
    Cheers, Laurita!

  5. Thank you, Laurita! I got "a delicious" vicarious "high," from this story. Take THAT, you nasty man who hurt me!

  6. Woo HOOOOO! I can just picture you with your teeny tiny size fives putting the big sleep on this poor slob. Doing with a smile on your face and murder in your heart! I just loves the way you write, Mizz Laurita. I surely do.

  7. Fantastic! I loved the quick, sharp pace.

  8. What they all said, for sure, but hell's belles, Laurita, you kick ass with such satisfaction. I'd like to think of this size-5er as an avenger, roaming dark streets from time to time, just to take out the crap of the scum of the === well, see - you got everone riled up here, and now poor Alan's tentative around coffee times.

    Your boots are made for rockin'.
    Your writing always tightly impacts

    ~ Absolutely*Kate


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