Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fire Dance by Tania Redd - February Femmes Fatales

She's hot, she's not what you expect her to be - for who is?

Tania Redd's second February Femmes Fatales piece packs a powerful, breathless punch. Goth, pagan - traditional - I am LOVING  the image Fire Dance throws at us, its shadow burning...


Dimona looks wicked tonight; the long black bridal gown hugging every curve.

“Your hour will come” she smugly reassures.

I give a crooked knowing smile; follow her through the undergrowth cursing under my breath. Her betrothed is waiting; he’s unable to meet my eyes. He leads her into the nine foot wreath lined circle.

Facing each other, their hands are tied together with cord, a broomstick at their feet as the ceremony gets underway. My role is to sweep the circle with the broomstick, dance around the happy couple. I rehearsed earlier to ensure everything goes to plan, and add a little sizzle to the nuptials. Snatching up the fire torch, I advance swiftly, an ancient flame thrower shrieking in delight, as the petrol sodden broomstick flares up, engulfing the traitess and her quarry in flames, the circle collapsing into a burning pit.

My hour has come.

_________ The End _________

Bio: Tania Redd enjoys writing black comedy, horror and crime fiction in the form of short film scripts. She is currently redrafting her first novel and working on a radio play.


  1. there's - impact and then there's IMPACT!
    wow and double wow, Tania, I am knocked out with this! So precise and so very very cold, despite the fire!

  2. Swept off feet ~ fired up ~ hot nuptials ~ come on baby light my fire . . . Tania's tell goes clever past cliched traditions.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  3. I was able to see and feel the night through your writing. The story bubbled and then erupted into a wonderful end/beginning. I hope there are more stories about your powerful heroine.

  4. Ooh, love the narrator's skulking subterfuge! That sure did add sizzle to the day's reading, Tania, as does your skillful way with words. Sounds as though you're pretty handy with a broomstick, too. Fabulous.

  5. Short but adeptly dark. I didn't see that end coming, either!

  6. Ouch, revenge served hot. Short and sweet.

  7. Short but so packed with action. Wonderful example that less is more.

  8. A blazing tale! I agree, less is more. Fantastic flash, Tania.


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