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A Pixie Flutters By - February Femme Fatale

February Femmes Fatales - February 10th

Friday Prediction followers will know Pixie J. King by her dark and always heart-rending prose. Her observations are cynical, cautious. Many writers and artists will recognise the sensation of isolation she so carefully presents; that feeling of being different, misunderstood.

When I was Pixie's age I wrote morbid poetry and tiny stories. Last year I found a box of my scribblings - and it was shite. This is where Pixie and I are different - because she has a natural talent that is already shining bright.

Pixie has two pieces showcasing this month. I chose her poem Dead Girl Walking as the first because I think it perfectly represents her skill.

She's asked me several times why she has been invited to be showcased on February Femmes Fatales. This is why:

Dead Girl Walking by Pixie J. King
(First published on Writing Magazine's January One Word Challenge 2010)

The silence greets me again
as I become speechless,
hurt and torn
my heart dying a little more.

You've already shattered my
defences, made me cry all those
pearl glazed tears and you
show no mercy of stopping
unless I was dead.

My heart is empty.
My blood sucked away
like my soul was.
I’m just a pale, lifeless freak
who has no emotion left.

You can’t hurt me anymore 
when there is nothing left to hurt.

You have raped me of my life.
Made my days unbearable.

The walls are closing in on me.
There is nothing left to prove,
nothing left to do.

There is no happiness in my life.
I’ve forgotten how to smile, how to laugh.

There is no feeling left in me, 
just the chill of my tears and blood.
You frown on my tears anyway.
What’s the point?

So I ripped out my heart
and handed it over for you to devour.
After all, I do have a big heart for you to feed on
and people are going to miss out
on its love.

I’m just a dead girl walking.
You killed me years ago.

Pixie is a student who is trying to balance writing with her college work. She is a full member Fictioneer. Pixie’s work can be found at


  1. Yes, Pixie, this is why you are here. And like Lily, I could show you notebooks full of ragged poetry and prose, all written at your age. They don't compare to where you are now. Keep going, girl.

    Now. This.

    I’m just a pale, lifeless freak
    who has no emotion left.

    This, and the end -- people are going to miss out on its love -- are so honest. And that kind of honesty is like a punch in the gut. Well done, you.

  2. This poem reminds me of a victim of a spider. Cocooned, helpless, trapped, drained of all life and vitality. Numb. You demonstrate this well.

  3. This is the rebirth into something better...unfortunately, we all (men and women) go through something that strips everything from us:

    "You can’t hurt me anymore
    when there is nothing left to hurt"

    That is the bottom of strength. Love it. Great prose, Pixie.

  4. Pixie - well done! Such careful and meticulous choice of words echoes the absolute pouring-out of this character's soul.

    Emotionally, after reading this, I feel like a rung out rag - what a power and talent you have demonstrated here, to elicit such a reaction merely from words arranged on a page! Go girl!

  5. 'pearl glazed tears' - how much can one person say in three words? Pixie, this was amazing first time I read it, (OWC) and it has even more impact now, for some reason. You're one hell of a brilliant writer/poet. Don't stop, whatever you do, you have a lot to say to the world.

  6. Aww thanks all. I'm blushing...yet I still don't understand...
    Shall I let you into a little secret? I actually wrote this underneath my bed. I was going through a dark time...
    I'm glad you all like it though. Thanks for the write up at the beginning Lily, however I am still wondering why I'm still in the line-up with all these amazing femme fatales...
    *waits for people to whack me with something hard and heavy in frustration*

  7. This comes through as a very honest poem, I´m sorry if you felt that way when you wrote it! It´s beautifully written though, I fell in love with the beginning:

    “The silence greets me again
    as I become speechless”

    You´re not the only one to read something great here and wonder “What am *I* doing here?” but I think you´ve proven you fit right in =) Well done!

  8. I'll be the first bloke to go all soppy then. That was so sad but so well written, Pixie. For one so young you write well beyond your years. Keep going and you'll have a great future in writing!

    Well done!

  9. This is beautiful - I'm really sad you went through the pain but you have given everyone such honest and heartbreaking lines.

  10. Honest, brutal, and simply stunning. Don't ever doubt your writing Pixie, you have no reason to.

  11. Our young Pixie suffers from self doubt a fair bit, but then all of us suffer from it at one point or another, often, seldom, and on occasion more than we'd like to admit, so it's not surprising for someone still only 16.

    I am privileged to be coaching Pixie and she’s been my protégé for around two years now, and she is indeed way out in front where talent and potential is concerned. She writes the most honest, darkly personal prose and poetry, cutting right to the quick. This is Pixie's trademark style. And although she doesn't yet know it, her poems, like Dead Girl Walking, really are truly wonderful.

  12. Touching, haunting and real.

    Well in, Pix!

    With your talent, and AJ's guidance, the future is undoubtedly bright.

  13. Pixie, this is beautiful. Tragic, but beautiful. I can't say much more than has already been said, but your elegant selection of phrases like "pearl glazed tears" elevate this piece from mere angst to real poetry.

    Well done.

  14. This very much has an "underneath the bed" feeling. It's tragic and yet lovely. Nicely done.

  15. I agree with the other comments about the sense of isolation and hopelessness. It's a poem that leads us into sorrow, with each line a step down a staircase of despair.

    The feelings of weakness and the anger of betrayal were powerful. The last lines felt like a door slamming shut. Dark and moving.

  16. That was very powerful, Pixie. I also liked the 'pearl glazed tears'. Much better than the sort of stuff I wrote as a teenager - you have found your voice early and that is a great thing.


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