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Meet Dorothy - or maybe you already know today's February Femme Fatale?

February Femmes Fatales - 
February 19th

I've really been looking forward to introducing Dorothy Davies. Along with A.J. Humpage she was one of the first to welcome and support me on Talkback, the online forum of the UK's Writers' News and Writing Magazine. And I am so appreciative of her continued encouragement.

Dorothy is as diverse an author as you can imagine with a wealth of experience across genres, but her speciality lies in historical fiction. Her latest novel, Death Be Pardoner To Me is testament to her knowledge, and more.

An editor in her own right, Dorothy also joined Static Movement last year, an indie press which has published work by several Femmes Fatales. She is now editor of a growing number of dark fiction and horror anthologies.

Dorothy's first short story here, Comes The Sweet Autumn, is sweet indeed.

Please welcome Dorothy Davies; some of you may know her as Antonia Woodville...

Comes The Sweet Autumn by Dorothy Davies

Comes the sweet Autumn with colour, with brilliant skies fit to fracture at the touch of a migrating bird, with the good scent of wood smoke and a hint of coldness. Time to bring out the wool, the thick blankets, the boots, everything that makes you feel good in these crisp autumn days.

It is a time to begin to close down, to stockpile food against the days you cannot go out, to ensure there is sufficient fuel for the fire, to prepare for the blizzards ahead.

The sweet Autumn is a good time to think of the empty cellar, with its hooks and its racks and its shelves awaiting supplies.

And so the Autumn is a good time to make sure that there are bodies aplenty for the cold days ahead.

Just think of the hooks and the racks and the shelves filled with fresh meat.

Is it not a good enough thought to make Autumn seem even sweeter?

Then come with me, we will hunt together and together we will ensure the cellar is full.

And if you do not offend me in any way, you may even survive until Spring.

Dorothy Davies
Writer, medium, editor, full member Fictioneer, lives on the Isle of Wight and writes strange stories.

Dorothy Davies
Author, 'Death Be Pardoner To Me', the life of George, duke of Clarence.

Amor Vincit Omnia


  1. Dorothy - I loved the twist in this. With the sweet, comfortable images you use to lead in, the finish is even sharper as a result. Great job.

  2. A finely written tale that takes you on an almost "poetic" journey then stings you with that ending. Excellence, in so few words!

  3. A wonderful piece, lulling you in and then twisting beautifully.

  4. Dorothy, I love the poetical rhythm in this!

    ”…with brilliant skies fit to fracture at the touch of a migrating bird” Aw, like balm to my soul!

  5. I've been supermarketing (twice) this morning, I have an off the radar migraine, I have too much to do and I knew my story was up today...
    Lily, thank you so much for the good words, thanks for all the comments so far, this one was a delight to write ...
    and there are more to come ...
    Google has me as Antonia Woodville, for some reason. I have to say the name suits, as my medieval hero is Antony Woodville, Lord Scales of Newcelles and the Isle of Wight, 2nd Earl Rivers, whose life and history I constantly advertise in every way I can, articles, letters, blog replies ... so the fact google has that name (from my postbox, suits me very well. And, I have to say, the earl as well. He is my constant companion, along with those who write the horror with me.
    BTW, yesterday was the anniversary of the duke of Clarence's execution. I sent flowers to his tomb. I have done for the last six years. Does that make me entirely mad? Or pleasing yet another spirit who works with me?

  6. I love beauty within the darkness, and this was done not only with beauty but with almost palpable joy, and I just loved it.

  7. The beginning had me wondering when the 'dark' side of this FFF tale would kick in - it all sounded like my idea of heaven: cosying down with blankets and good food and semi-hibernating. Then - WHAM ! The last line ...!

  8. I've made it in to comment. I've been bogged down by work commitments of late and not had chance to read some of these lovely stories.

    I like the way this story starts off like a slow slumber and suddenly turns like an annoyed cat. I love the first line "Comes the sweet Autumn with colour, with brilliant skies fit to fracture at the touch of a migrating bird..."
    Fab little story.

  9. thanks Sue and AJ, for the kind words.
    stories lately seem to do that, start innocently and turn nasty!

  10. Loved the rhythm of this, the descriptions of the sweet autumn, and the delicious last line. Beauty.

  11. This is beautifully written. I love the flow and feel of this piece, very poetic. Well done, leaves me wanting more.

  12. "The sweet Autumn is a good time to think of the empty cellar, with its hooks and its racks and its shelves awaiting supplies. " This line caught me like a mouse in a trap. The words empty cellar, then the hooks, and then the racks, the shelves..*awaiting* supplies. That damn gave me shivers. You could have written this one sentence anywhere and my mind would have jumped out of its skull. Do NOT go to this lady's house! Not without something sharp tucked up the sleeve. Just in case. ;-)

    Well done, Dorothy!

  13. I really liked this, Dorothy. It feels almost poetic and I can see all the rich colours of autumn - especially the reds! A wonderful, lyrical piece and a great example of how much can be achieved in a just a few words.

  14. Short and oh, so sweet. I was hooked.

  15. thank you, everyone, for the good words. It's gone a long way to restoring this bad day to where it should be, a good day.
    (everything going wrong)

  16. Oh, that was clever. You lulled us with talk of a sweet Autumn and then delivered the nasty twist, just when we thought all was well in the world. Stunning.

  17. That was phenomenal. The word economy is perfect, and it is foreboding and alluring. Very nice.


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