Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bloody Poetry from Lily Childs - February Femme Fatale

February Femmes Fatales - February 20th
This is my final inclusion in the FFF showcase (having been told off for calling my pieces 'fillers'!)

It's the penultimate poem, and is something I wrote some time ago. I like the exchange of life-force, the shift of power - wrong or right.

Wipe your blades dry, let them glisten - clean. All the better to reflect your fine - and oh so white - teeth.

La Sanguinette by Lily Childs

I am humble.
A bumbling fool
to your decadence.

Spread yourself out
before me.
Let an old soul
eek out its
wanton breath
at the sight of you.

Splay your fine limbs
in deviant poses.
I’ll cover you
in roses

A boy to a woman
of centuries, slave.
Seeking young blood
to swell your veins.
I took my fair share
on the journey.

I’m tired,
so very tired.
I want you -
as always
there’s only one way.

Begging to taste
you accede
on my terms.
The exchange begins.
I drink of you
one last time.

Tears spill
to wash you clean.
Your body flails.
It spasms, it kicks.
Spines and spikes
pierce your curvature,
pricking you dead
in sweet sacrifice.

My mouth, drips
I lick your life away.
My skin, pale
shines bright.
It blooms, and it’s pink.

And me, I’m
the youth
I used to be.
Looking for fools
and brimming with hunger.

Lily Childs is a writer of dark fiction and horror. Her stories have been published in several small press anthologies including Their Dark Masters; Extreme Vampire Horror, Daily Bites of Flesh 2011 and Caught By Darkness. You can read more dark fiction and poetry here on her blog Lily Childs' Feardom, where her demons dance in tutus.


  1. I want you-
    as always
    there's only one way.

    *shivers* Delicious, dark poetry.

  2. Ah, but the longing in this, the need!

    ”Let an old soul
    eek out its
    wanton breath
    at the sight of you.”

    Exquisite language. Dark, seductive tragedy.

  3. oh yes! so much need in this and such beauty in its desires.

  4. I'm beginning to appreciate poetry more and more, and that's down to you, Lily. Thanks!

    This was a great piece. The words evoke some very fine images. Dark and beautiful, Lily!

  5. Another brilliant piece, this summons up some fantastic imagery.

    'My mouth,drips
    I lick your life away.' - is a delicious line. Well-done Lily!

  6. "Looking for fools and brimming with hunger." That's brilliant.

  7. Splay your fine limbs
    in deviant poses.
    I’ll cover you
    in roses

    This was my favorite line. They are both sacrifices of sorts. Both madnesses. Only one receives peace, and the other must go on.

  8. Thank you all.

    Jodi, that's my favourite part too.

  9. I like your poetry, it's so unusual and every word is so precisely chosen.

  10. Ah yes, this is pure Lily. I adore your darkly luscious poetry, it sizzles with seduction and fear and oozes elemental darkness. Simply gorgeous.

  11. This was so well written it read like a story - beautiful, erotic and savage in all the right places.

    Is it really your final contribution? Nooo...

  12. An elegant touch of erotocism, horror, and romance! Definitely enjoyed the contrasts between age and love that you blended so well.

    PS - things that are 'fillers' are usually critical to something's structure, take for example rebar and concrete - there would be no steeple without them!

  13. I really enjoy your poetry Lily. I think I'm right in that "Sanguinette" is no ordinary vampiress. She's got a touch of evil finesse that, more than any "power" seems to be what is overwhelming her willing slave. Nicely done.


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