Friday, 10 February 2012

Party Guest, and I Cling Inside the Border-Wall by Amber Taitague - February Femmes Fatales

Amber Taitague is new to the February Femmes Fatales feast. Regular readers and contributors to my weekly Friday Fiction Prediction challenge will better know Amber as MuckieDuckie.

Amber's writing delivers naughty wickedness, a dark and dangerous outlook that makes you smile - in guilt. Here she revisits two of her Prediction challenge pieces. They are well-chosen and present her intriguing style so well.

Little dabbles with delicious drabbles. Read on...


Balloons drift limply to the floor; the party decorations hanging haphazard throughout the house. A dazed girl in a torn party dress wanders about, wincing at the loud music. She ignores a platter of congealed London broil on the dining table, making her way to the front door.

Her head cocks in puzzlement at the bottleneck she finds. Bodies with empty eye sockets that glare red are piled about like pillow shams.

Softly singing Portishead’s “All Mine” she grabs a jar off the floor, smiling at the eyeballs it contains.

Marie is a collector and she has only just begun.

_________ The End _________


When love’s rotation gyrates on fear’s axis, the strain of years doesn’t strengthen the glue of you. The toll bears down heavy.

The cracking you hear is not of bones breaking but of self shattering.

His angry face is on again. He shouts the words that show the border between us and little pitchers hear; small eyes shimmer soft as the television tries to hypnotize.

I’m ice to his flame, no more moved by his rages.

The border-wall recedes, but the space between us is different. We’re half-remembered strangers or half-forgotten friends, but I cling.

Cling to keep us whole.

_________ The End _________

Bio: Amber Taitague has been writing since she was a child, dabbling with short stories and poetry. She recently fell into flash fiction and has been working many years on a novel, however she's guilty of procrastination. She can be seen in 5x5 Issue Four: Smoke.


  1. I hadn't read either of these two delectable little snippets before, Amber, so I went in with my eyes wide open. Next time I read something of yours I'll know to keep them covered. Nicely done.

  2. I loved this line: "The cracking you hear is not of bones breaking but of self shattering."

    You've packed so much into these two short pieces. Well, done.

  3. Both enjoyable little pieces.
    "I Cling Inside the Border-Wall," is powerful. Each line delivers much more than its words, and pushes me into another's shoes, both little and big. Really good stuff, Amber. I also loved Laurita's favorite line.

  4. oh magical stuff, Amber! images that dance and terrify at the same time. Loved them both.
    Lily, superb cover - again!

  5. i enjoyed both pieces, intriguing, dark and delicious!

  6. Mucky Amber Ducky ~

    I admired Erin's admired line of Laurita just as admiringly well. From ~ "Bodies with empty eye sockets that glare red are piled about like pillow shams." in Dark Piece #1 to "I’m ice to his flame, no more moved by his rages." you show your rough,tough stuff, tempered in words having their way with deeper mean and meanings. Brava.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate, once again enjoying the charming Childs' visual cover to entice and define

  7. I thought I recognized the first one. Both fascinating. I Cling Inside the Border Wall speaks volumes. For anybody that has been there it is a truly frightening place.

  8. Amber - the Portishead reference - perfect ambiance for a perfectly chilling scene. I remember "I cling" from the Prediction - it got to me then, and it got to me again!


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