Thursday, 1 December 2016


Twinkling forth after an age, In Search of Silver Boughs is finally spreading its pages wide, published on 1st December 2016 by KnightWatch Press. Huge thanks to editor, Steve Shaw for bringing the chapbook to fruition, and to Theresa Derwin for acquiring Silver Boughs in the first place.

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Follow the ancient, ruthless soul of demi-goddess Emmeline as she struts across Scandinavia and western Europe, clad in magical, skin-stitched boots. When those handmade-boots are ripped from Emmeline's aching feet in 19th century Paris, the trauma triggers dangerous memories of long-term lover, the Bohemian artist Augustus Flinch – and their deviant daughter Ishtabelle.

With rumours that Flinch has taken cruel revenge by freezing their child in the filthy ice of London’s river Thames, Emmeline calls upon her most primal energies to hunt him down.

Hide your eyes. Hide your ears as Emmeline storms across the channel toward the heaving capital of England, in this twisted, bloody fairy tale. Protect your heart. It won't just break – it will shatter.

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