Saturday, 6 August 2016

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The Black Room Manuscripts Vol 2 is already enjoying excellent reviews and I'm humbled to have received the following comments for The Vile Glib of Gideon Wicke:

  • From the always inspiring and honest Ginger Nuts of Horror - my thanks to George Ilett Anderson: "Like the previous two entries in this anthology, Lily Childs’ writing is a revelation. Her story, “The Vile Glib of Gideon Wicke” is a haunting and poignant journey through limbo for a lost soul. Beautifully written with very vivid imagery about loss, redemption and finding oneself, this is an excellent story."
    Read the full review on Amazon | More about The Ginger Nuts of Horror
  • From David Dubrow: "Not quite a horror story, but a sad, sweet tale of loneliness, death, and what lies beyond, The Vile Glib of Gideon Wicke by Lily Childs is arguably the best story in the collection."
    Read the full review on Amazon
  • From Chris Hall at DLS Reviews: "Some tales read more like poetry than they do stories. That’s not to say that there’s not a story in there – but the eloquence and beauty of the writing can sometimes speak louder than what’s being told. Lily Childs’ offering is one such story. From those initial first few stepping stones, from the quiet ambience and respectful graciousness of our tired protagonist, we’re pulled into the mesmerising charm of the story and the gentle flow of its direction. Indeed, reading Childs’ offering feels somewhat akin to drifting down a gently flowing stream; watching as around you things gradually float by and the world plays out its endless tune. But of course it’s not all roses and sunshine. Even though the story maintains a compelling beauty in its prose, the path it follows is clouded with heartache and sorrow. But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. And to show this Childs executes a near flawless wrapping up of a lost soul’s final journey."
    Read the full review at DLS Reviews
My thanks to Jim McLeod (GNoH), David and Chris for their kind words about my dark, tragic, 'not quite horror' but desperate tale of post-death descent.



The Thirteen Signs, edited by Dean M. Drinkel and published by Nocturnicorn Books is out this week for Kindle, and soon in paperback. Contains my Taurean tale of bloodshed in not-so-pleasant England, Come Join the Blood Parade.

Flash Fear, edited by the glorious Theresa Derwin of Quantum Corsets includes re-prints of two of my flash tales. Opening the anthology is baker-boy battering, Pat-A-Cake followed by mythical, mystical The Tale of Restoration. Out now on Amazon.

Fresh Fear: An Anthology of Macabre Horror, edited by William Cook and containing my cannibalistic dish Strange Tastes, has been re-published by King Billy Publications with an exquisite new cover. Available on Amazon now.

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