Thursday, 17 February 2011

Prediction Winner

Goodness gracious; here's a thing. A record number of entries to the Prediction challenge. Let's start with the summaries - I'll try to keep it brief, as it could take a while.

  • David Barber promised an assault and boy, did he deliver:
    • #1 That bad chat-up line scores our hero a finely-shaped dinner, in Delicious.
    • #2 Debbie's dead and Peter's spotted the unnatural killer in In The Shadows.
    • #3 Genders twist, abused and controlled in the tragic A Broken Promise.
    • #4 A haunted husband and loving father finds the light in The Shape Of An Angel.
  • Ellie's Helward gave up the ghost in the face of overwhelming alien attention in Gravity.
  • Justice all round as Mimi's slob does his back in taking revenge in Edgewise.
  • Me, I went all poetic and wistful this week:
    • #1 Carnal Dox sings of pox in the port on the old main drag
    • #2 Stellar Song stops the stars from sparkling - but only for a moment, Gods or no Gods.
  • Rebecca's soul prowls through primal night, the hunter or the hunted? In The Night Hind.
  • Chris's spider bite turns his character's thoughts inside out in his copper-coloured Scratch.
  • The guilty turns killer in the reflection of AJ's adulterous Prelude.
  • He's gorgeous! Sue's cop in drag drags his heels in the street in Night Shift.
  • Aidan has siblings teasing  and toying with Mother's magic in the forestral Half Breeds.
  • The agony of betrayal slashes through ravenways' debut in Don't Look Now.
  • Melenka's curling entities wrap their shadows around frantic lovers before sucking them dry in Stock In Trade.
  • Shape-shifters rule. Antonia's doesn't tolerate inappropriate advances in Mistaken Identity.
  • She drags her burden with a smile, does Susan; completely Brazen she is.
  • Kook's back, evacuating body and soul in reverence to his unholy visions in William's Revelation.
  • More shape-shifters cause havoc in Kim's Appearances can be deceiving - and they don't even make the effort!
  • Pixie's fluttering fairy friend says goodbye to the deceiver with a poison arrow in Adieu.

Humble am I in such presence. I truly enjoyed not only every entry but also every comment - as always. Thank you all, for dallying at The Feardom.

David Barber is my winner this week, with the haunting and heart-rending The Shape Of An Angel. Beautifully tragic. Congratulations David.

Aidan's Halfbreeds crept into my skin, and Ellie's Gravity tore my world in two, three, four... Both are runners-up. Well done.

Back in the morn' - with its orange, sun burst sky - for a new Prediction.



  1. Well done David, and Aiden and Ellie. Fab stories this week. Apologies I've not been in to leave comments, but work commitments have taken up a sizable amount of my time.

    Well done peeps!

  2. Gratz Ellie and Aiden. David - your proliferation this week reminded us all you're not just a writer's best friend and booster, but a damned strong talent in your own right. Well done, mate!

  3. I'm honoured, Lily.
    AJ - thanks!
    Chris - thank you, sir! You make me blush!

  4. great decision, Lily, David's piece is enchanting and haunting and yes, worthy runners up too.
    I love being part of this challenge, it pushes me further each week to be with such talented people.

  5. Congratulations, David and Aiden!

    I've blogged about Friday Prediction in my Friday Five post today, and echo Antonia's words.


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