Thursday, 11 November 2010

Their Dark Masters Release Date

The final release date of Their Dark Masters vampire anthology  has been announced by Red Skies Press editor Mark Anthony Crittenden.

1st January 2011

Featuring dark and dangerous tales from Lee Hughes, Brian K. Ladd, Erik Boman, Paul Anderson, Erin Cole, Gregory Miller, Marissa Farrar, Henry Brasater, Tyree Campbell, Rebecca L. Brown, Barry J. Northern, ed. Mark Crittenden - and some old writer named Lily Childs.

More details coming soon so that you can put it on your Amazon Wish List. In the meantime, here's the gorgeous full cover:



  1. Congrats Lily and all the others! I'm too young for Red Skies Press, unfortunately. Ah well, the cover looks good!

    Pixie x

  2. superb cover, and congratulations on being in there!

  3. What a great way to start the New Year. Congratulations to all the authors. Very happy for you.

  4. Some old about a fucking awesome, dark, gothic horror writer?
    That's more like it : )

  5. Way to go, Lily. Agree with Erin BTW!!!!!

    (How come your email doesn't work? Sent one and it got returned having failed. Used the same one you sent me one from??)

  6. Now THAT is a beautiful thang! Woohoo! New years is perfect

  7. LILY! Erin's right! You writing will lull them into a state of intoxicated oblivion, for sure. There is some very commanding work here, and I am absolutely 100 percent sure that this book will leave it's mark. :P
    Jodi, David, Sean, and Antonia thanks for the support. I hope you all get a chance to check it out.
    Pixie, the work in Red Skies is quite graphic, and quite frankly pushes damn near an x-rating sometimes. Start chewing tobacco and cursing like a sailor and you'll be ready when the time comes. :P

  8. How do we get it in the US, the book I mean ;) Def want a copy.

  9. Their Dark Masters will be on Amazon, Amazon UK, most likely kindle, and possibly Barnes and Noble.

  10. I'll be adding it to my wishlist as soon as it's available! Awesome cover.

  11. Great news Lily, glad this one is out soon. I'll keep an eye out closer to the time. Really want to read this one :)


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