Friday, 28 May 2010

Lily's Friday Prediction - 28 May 2010

This week's words are rather boring I'm afraid, so perhaps a bigger challenge. Will the three words mean something to you? Let me know by commenting below or adding some flash fiction - 100 words max - using all three words.

If you can make something chilling and gruesome out of these, then all the better!
  • Gated
  • Commercial
  • Presentation
For info on how the Friday prediction came about read this.


  1. Security moved Joe back from the gated complex. He struggled. They acted like a wall. "Fuck you all, that was my invention, you fucks."

    "Sir, please refrain from profanities, you will not be gaining entry to the Commercial Presentation by DupeSoft.

    "Fine, I ain't going alone though."

    "Sir, what do..."

    Joe opened his bulging coat and flicked a switch...

  2. I hate those damn presentations for home purchases in gated communities. One long commercial about how great it all is. If I wanted to swap partners,I'd go to a bar, not move into an entire neighborhood!

  3. Yay - two great ones!!!!

    Keep 'em coming.

  4. Phil wiped his hand down his trousers leaving a crimson trail and switched on the TV.
    Thanks to those commercial presentations about gated communities he’d found a better way of acquiring the essentials in life; those rich folks would just collect on the insurance anyhow.
    But Betty always wanted more – man, didn’t she realise how hard he worked? It took time and skill checking out alarm systems, guard dogs, regular routines.
    He glanced over and saw her eyes blankly staring at him, reflected in the vermilion pool congealing around her head. He raised his beer towards her and changed channels.

  5. Nice and noir Sue. Loved the nonchalance.


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