Friday, 21 May 2010

New* Lily's Friday Prediction

The Childs family have been doing a bit of bibliomancy over the last few weeks, for fun. The three of us each close our eyes, let the pages of our humongous dictionary fall open within our splayed fingers, then we point. Between us we end up with three words which have so far included such goodies as scallop, ampoule, Lagoda, reedy, caltrop and... my favourite - omniscient.

The idea was to see if we could make a prediction. If nothing happened (and so far, it hasn't) then at the very least we've ended up with some pretty good titles for novels - The Omniscient Scallop of Lagoda, for example.

Today, however, our three words were a little more menacing:
  • Danger
  • Ramshackle
  • Georgian
Is some dilapidated historic construction going to collapse? Are Russians in fear of the rickety?

From now on, I'm going to post our three words every Friday. Open your mind, look for 'coincidence', feel the vibes, man - if you find the prediction has come true, post your comments here. Or if you'd rather add a little flash fiction (100 words max), then that's OK. Best to state if it's fiction though please!!


  1. Sorry to hear about this Lily, did the authorities put an end to family past time of sacrificing chickens to use the blood for portents?

    Actually gonna try it now myself.


    I'll be looking both ways whilst crossing all roads. Blue car?

  2. Seven year old Gabriella stared at the frilly pink dress in the garden of the ramshackle Georgian house next door.
    the Paedo waited, caressing the lust in his trousers. The dress rippled and flapped in the breeze as it hung draped over the old Transformer in the cage near to the door of the house.
    The gate was open but the notice said DANGER.

    “Shall I get it for you? ”
    The dress snagged and a cable fell away from the transformer - perished plastic covering peeled away - a single hair thin strand of copper wire gleamed.
    He pulled, wrapped the dress around his exposed erection.
    Fifty thousand volts. The thrill of his life.

    [talkbacker bill]

  3. Ooh Bill, that's 'orrible. A very disturbing and chilling piece of flash.

  4. Right. Read a horror story last night set in Georgia in the States and it was dangerous. Plus the author lives in a rambling, but not ramshackle house. Not really good enough for the prediction, is it?

    But - the story did touch on the weird visions, or lack of sight you get when you have a migraine, and I happened to draw one of those the previous day, trying to explain to someone who doesn't suffer from them. Nothing to do with the bibliomancy above, just showing that the veil is thin.

    However, the cynic in me would say 1. I read horror - it's all dangerous, Georgia's a big place likely to turn up fairly regularly. 2. Migraines are common too, likely to come up in conversation often. My answer to that is (note the schizophrenic flip between personalities) that I've only ever had 6 migraines in my life, the person asking is doing a study of tribal shamanic studies which include dropping through that unseeing, sparkling circle, or portlet - and the story described it exactly as I had drawn it - yet not all sufferers experience the same thing.

    I'll shut up now.


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