Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Make No Bones About It... An Award!

Where have I been? I've asked myself the same question. Great swathes of time seem to have been torn away from me this summer as the day-job overshadowed real life with a massive quilt of commitment.

But... I didn't stop writing. I am almost 50,000 words into the 'Asylum' novel - and frankly - it's a race between me and good writing friend and fellow ex-Prediction host Phil Ambler to see who gets there first. Keep running boy!

BONES cover, artwork by Tais Teng
Short Stories and An Editor's Choice Award

I'd vowed to keep away from short stories as I hit novel madness - but sometimes - you just can't help it.

And this week, I'm honoured to announce that one of my latest stories, THE OSSILLATRICE SHIFT has received the Editor's Choice Award from James Ward Kirk Fiction, who have published the story in brand new anthology, BONES.

Buy Bones

Bones is out in paperback and ebook:

Other Writing News
  • My cannibal crime thriller STRANGE TASTES will be out in the FRESH FEAR anthology any day now. Edited by William Cook and published by James Ward Kirk Fiction again, you can read the amazing list of contributors and I'm just thrilled my name is listed beneath the great Ramsey Campbell.
  • RAPTURE will appear in the second of Western Legends Publishing's 'Tres Librorum Prohibitorum' series, edited by Dean M. Drinkel, THE BESTIARUM VOCABULUM. Out October 2013.
  • Plus three further short stories - two horror, one crime - will be published in anthos before the end of 2013!
  • And... Something VERY exciting is happening with the February Femmes Fatales, ain't it, ladies? A secret? Surely not. More soon.

Keep writing. Keep reading. Have fun. x


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