Tuesday, 22 October 2013

February Femmes Fatales - THE BOOK!

Whatever happened to the February Femmes Fatales? Oh, we linger – never fear. And now – we’re back, working hard together to bring out FEBRUARY FEMMES FATALES - THE BOOK! Working title, obviously.

Regular visitors to The Feardom in the Februarys of 2011/12 would have read the daily dark fiction and poetry I published here, written by some astoundingly talented female writers. A troubling blend of the wicked, the disturbing, the horrific and the sinister, with a good splatter of black humour.

My intention was always to produce a collection of our work, and now – it’s happening. The book will be available in paperback and ebook format in readiness for February 2014. Most of the stories and poetry from FFF 2011/12 will be included plus new ‘bonus material’ from many of the authors:

* Absolutely*Kate

* Asuqi

* Lily Childs

* Erin Cole

* Dorothy Davies

* Sandra Davies

* Marissa Farrar

* Ellie Garratt

* Sue Harding

* Anna Harris

* Helen A. Howell

* A. J. Humpage

* Susan May James

* Veronica Marie Lewis Shaw

* Jodi MacArthur

* Marietta Miles

* Laurita Miller

* Katherine Moriarty

* Tania Redd

* Icy Sedgwick

* Lou Treleaven

Watch out for a FFF Facebook page soon, plus other announcements and news.



  1. Looking forward to revisting the worlds of my Fabulous FFs plus the lovely new bonus material too!

    1. this is so exciting! The FFF months were outstanding, I recall vividly rushing each day to read the next story, so to have them all together in one book will be magic!


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