Sunday, 5 August 2012

Flash Fiction Podcast - Me and The Boys!

A little while ago I was interviewed by Dion Winton-Polak and Phil Ambler on the subject of flash fiction for a podcast called Geek2Geek, which is part of The Geek Syndicate.

You can now download Geek to Geek - Issue 5 for free from iTunes

Our discussion starts at about 57 minutes into the podcast - you should be able to 'slide' to it. Our wonderful writer friends Matt Hilton, Col Bury, David Barber, A.J. Humpage and Sandra Davies all get a mention, as does The Prediction of course.

It'll be on the Geek Syndicate website soon too (it's got the wrong link on there at the mo. but this will be corrected shortly) so I'll add the link when that's up.

Additionally, there will be a longer version coming soon where we each do readings of our, and other people's work.... to be revealed ;-)

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