Sunday, 1 July 2012

News and Updates

"It's been a while, it's been a while, it's been a while and OH!" As sang Rev Hammer and the Levellers of Freeborn John, one of England's most controversial freedom fighters.

I've been away from The Feardom for a few weeks, getting myself together and tying up loose ends - all with the aim of getting stuck into the novels once I'm finished.

What Has Lily Been Up To?

Thank you for asking. Succinctly:
  • I've recorded a podcast as guest of Feardom friends Phil Ambler and Dion Winton-Polak for The Geek Syndicate on the subject of flash fiction. Two versions will be released - the first will be interspersed within the next Geek2Geek issue during late July/early August, and a longer one with readings of microflash fiction from The Prediction will be published soon at Scrolls
  • Another Feardom friend John Xero is celebrating the second Xeroversary which starts today 1st July and runs for 8 days. He invited me to contribute and I'm proud that he accepted my debauch myth, A Song of Restoration which will be published on 7th July 2012.
  • After working on a lengthy short story for a Spectral Press competition I finally completed, edited and submitted the 5,560 word tale with 1 hour and 5 minutes to go before the deadline. I have enormous respect for Spectral Press which publishes beautiful, limited edition chap books, as well as a great admiration for its owner - the inimitable Simon Marshall-Jones.
  • I have been interviewed by Mr. Glamour author Richard Godwin for his Chin Wag at The Slaughterhouse. His patience has been unbelievable and I'm really looking forward to reading his interpretation of my gabble during July.
  • My husband and I have been outlining plans for an exhibition of artwork and dark fiction. Lots more to come on that - in the meantime, here's his latest painting - a black and white watercolour interpretation of the Charles Bargue drawing of a horse-head from the Parthenon:

So, as you see - I've not been slacking!

Other Feardom Friend News

There's been lots going on with other Feardom friends and Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers contributors too. Good luck to everyone with your self-publishing endeavours! Please share your support.

The links below go to - just swap the the in the link for .com to access them in Canada/USA.
  • Edited by Joe Hunter best-selling thriller author Matt HiltonAction: Pulse-Pounding Tales Vol. 1 is packed with old-style, non-stop crime/action stories by some of the best in the business at the moment, and includes some of our friends - Matt Hilton himself, Col Bury, Absolutely*Kate, David Barber, Keith Gingell, Paul D. Brazill, Graham Smith, Richard Godwin and many more. Suspend belief - and step into the extreme - you won't regret it.
  • David Barber's new eBook From a Crowded Mind includes a fine contradiction of gritty and emotional short crime stories
  • Chris Allinotte's Gathering Darkness eBook promises 230 pages of short horror madness
  • Shaun Adams's eBook Jack Is Writing includes eight short stories and six 100-word flashes of gruesome horror and twisted evil. As is only right.
I'm also hearing lots of exciting rumours about forthcoming novels, agents and contracts from a few of you. A huge - yet tentative - congratulations. The bubbles, or perhaps in most of our cases - the Merlot - is awaiting. Onwards and upwards my dear friends - how times are changing. And that comes with a smile.


  1. On behalf of all the authors inolved in ACTION: ppT vol 1 thanks for the shout out, Lil.

    1. Late night in a vacation beach house, the family of 20'some tucked into the happy tiredness the sun, sea, being together again and a few *clinks* of this and that . . . I come across this par for the course usual Lily lilt of grace and generosity to her FORTUNATE colleagues.

      I echo the high and hearty attitude of gratitude of my secret hero, Matt Hilton. Honoured I am to action-along with so many shake-it-up greats in ACTION: PULSE POUNDING TALES, vol 1.

      Honoured I am to hit the shout-out range of Lady Lily's decibels. Proud and happy of her own ascendancies and her beloved's amazing artworks as well . . . I too salute the all of you. (though that cool dude Mr Barber's last line aces the sentiment) G'nite you guys from the Outer Banks of the Atlantic.

      You're one classy broad, Ms Lily - the right-up-to-deadline story is so fully you, in all the planes you soar. Appreciate immeasurably you and Dion and the able Ambler including my Nelle tale in your new skills of podcasting as well.

      ~ Absolutely*Kate . . . at sea

  2. Great news for you (writing wise) and for you and Laurence. Hope the exhibition comes of and turns out well.

    Thanks for the shout-out, Lily. Appreciate more than you'll know.

    Good luck to all mentioned with everything.

  3. Thank you for mentioning my book Lily. Bless you. ;)

  4. Thanks Matt, David - you're welcome.

    Looking at the exhibition for next year now Dave; just putting a fund-raising/business plan together - like we've got nothing else to do!

  5. Wowee! You HAVE been busy, Lily!

    And there's me thinking you were in the Other Side catching Billowats!

  6. So looking forward to the upcoming stuff, Lily. Eager to see what Mr. Godwin has thrown your way, and downright giddy to hear the podcast!

    Also - thanks so much for the mention. I really appreciate it!

  7. Thanks for the mention, Lily. =)

    Great news all round. And so many connections here from the Prediction; you may not hold the reins anymore, but this is where it all began. ^_^

  8. Wow, you have been busy, Lily!

    Mind, I've not been slacking myself. Now my A levels are all finished and I'm free, I'm finally starting to get back my life and now I'm aiming to get back writing and sorting out new exciting things.

    But perhaps the greatest thing is now I'm of age I can now access your blog glitch free, so I'll be here more often to look out for more exciting news xD

    Pixie, or as I prefer now, P.J. xx

  9. Thanks everyone for all your encouragement!



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