Monday, 26 December 2011

LICKING IT UP - a 'Yours Truly' Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers Editor's Christmas Special

Over at Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers we editors are having a moment of self-indulgence - each posting a Christmas special of our own.

Crime Ed. Col Bury's WITNESS 'A' is already up for review and comes with a twist.

As TKnC Horror Ed. my new tale LICKING IT UP might fool you into thinking it's a piece of gastro chick-lit. Give it a chance - it's far tastier than that.

We await best-selling author and TKnC Thriller Ed. Matt Hilton's special with trepidation!


TKnC is open for submissions once again. I would love to receive stories from The Feardom Predictioneers and February Femmes Fatales. Our Submission Guidelines are here but I'd like to add that I'm looking for dark and dangerous; I want to be scared witless or chilled right down to my brittle bones. This is the kind of thing the Friday Prediction is regularly packed full of - and it deserves expansion.

What I don't like is gore without a story. Porn bores me - base and erotic suggestion is far more powerful and very definitely has a place.  Oh, and whilst I like a bit of effin' and blinding - only when called for please. Overt use puts me off. I like the beauty of language - the darker the better - feed me.

I look forward to reading you...

Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.