Thursday, 14 July 2011

Prediction Winner

I love the diverse use of the words this week. Let's quickly summarise, and see which entry won...

  • Chris throws an ace card at Milton and Blackwood as the crime-beating duo discover another murder(er) in Coming Up Trump
  • Steven's manic pseudo-surgeon gets off on gore in the blood-spattered Rupture.
  • Antonia's narrator has enough of her date, however 'ace' he thinks he is, in Escort Duty.
  • Amber's dancer almost falls victim to the psychological damage of her defiler's Unwanted abuse, but catches herself just in time.
  • AJ exposes the horror of starvation and neglect in a very unbalanced world in Dying Away.
  • Aidan brings The Ossuary back to our plates with invitations by the Bone Mate to sculpt and worship skulls.
  • Kim puts the homeless Out With The Trash to suck on rats until Death whisks the poor man away.
  • Phil delivers a bliss of birth as Rhechévah releases her offspring in Flash.
  • William falls foul of his Toxic Girlfriend 1993 as she tears at his soul in an attempt to bring him down to her desperate level.
  • Paul's old butcher wins the game and sets up the twisted vic for hungry William in his untitled piece.
  • Kallandra freezes our perceptions as the PI grasps the evidence in this untitled thriller.
  • Jack chucks a pie at the slimeballs as The Flaming Ace's waitress knocks her abusers dead. (Good riddance).
  • My tale shows we shouldn't mock the tarot - or, at least we shouldn't try to hide the message. Love, Ill-Dignified

With a brilliant title and a fantastically crafted, caustic poem - the winner this week is William Davoll with Toxic Girlfriend 1993. Congratulations William!

My runner-up is Phil Ambler with his beautiful 'portal to the imagination' Flash. Very well done Phil.

Loved them all; everyone should be very proud.

Advance notice: the winner of the next challenge will get to judge the following Prediction. Ooh!
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If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.