Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Ides, Apostles and M-M-M-Madness

Knowing full well today heralds the Ides of March, I opened my curtains determined to not be superstitious only to see a single magpie sitting on the chimney of the empty house opposite. I have lived here for 11 years and have never seen a magpie in my street. I ignored the flutters in my heart and doffed my imaginary hat to say 'Good Morning' to the bird. As I did - it stepped to one side to reveal another - its partner in crime perhaps - standing directly behind it. I whispered a greeting to the pair of them and they flew away, in opposite directions.

So, dismissing augury and deciding that one bad Ides over a couple of millennia isn't too bad (anyway 'Ides' simply means 'the 15th' in a calendar we no longer use OR the full moon) I am pragmatically forgetting Caesar and concentrating on the positive.

Apostle Rising

As if the title of the book wasn't good enough, it happens to be written by the mighty Richard Godwin - an author so articulate and engaging I feel like the girl at the back of the classroom in the white pointy hat - D - scrawled across its glaring surface.

My copy of Apostle Rising arrived last week. I can't wait to read DCI Frank Castle's investigation into a copycat-killer. Or is it? Castle is convinced he had the right man first-time around - even though he was never caught. With cults, sacrifice and ritual involving high-profile victims this book promises to be the very devil of a read.

Madness in March

Over at Chris Allinotte's Leaky Pencil he is hosting a week of fiction that examines insanity, Madness In March. Think asylums and psychopaths; fear and hysteria.

Our aforementioned friend Richard Godwin's Blister Pack has already provoked a fascinating debate into the difference between madness and mental illness. Laurita Miller opened the show with a touch of Paranoia, and today sees author, poet and 5x5 Editor Angel Zapata considering a Mad Dash.

Go see - linger a while, but make sure you've got a key to get out.
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