Saturday, 12 March 2011

Repetitive Strain Ramble

Have you noticed that you tend to revisit ideas in your writing? Maybe it's a similar theme or particular words. Is this a good or bad thing? Some and some, methinks

I know, without a doubt that I have an obsession with fabric. It makes sense - I studied fashion design in the 80s but didn't like the bitchy or practical side so ended up making my own ball-gowns, costumes and tutus to wear to the pub. I've been making costumes for decades now. Love a ribboned, bony corset - easy-peasy.

There's a mercer in London's Berwick Street called Borovicks where I bought the taffeta for my four bridesmaids' dresses - I'd roll around in fabric in its thin corridors if only they'd let me.


Since I started writing in earnest, a sense of the demon has frequently manifested itself. I can observe this from afar, detached - and am enjoying the eruptions. May they continue - although I have felt compelled to dole out some conditions.

I've never forgotten an evil blighter that plagued me in the 1990s. He called himself 'Malcolm' as if that wasn''t earthly and tawdry enough - he/it was a nasty beast that used to descend my staircase and laugh right in my face. I learned to push him back; you can do it with your eyes you know. But - you do have to give as good as you get, 'cos they're feisty buggers.

Lovely Words

So. Words - I've done this before on The Feardom, but I'm asking again, What do you like? For me its fleshy words:

  • flesh
  • pulpous
  • fat
  • pale
  • gorge
  • skin etc

Today's observation is that people can surprise you. I met the world's most natural father today. Big love to him.

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