Monday, 14 February 2011

Jodi MacArthur, Femme Fatale - Will she be your Valentine?

February Femmes Fatales - February 14th

Jodi MacArthur breaks  the rules. No, you know what? - breaking means a conscious decision; Jodi writes - as is.  I wholeheartedly  agree and concur. She spasms in and out of earthly reality, sniggering and teasing with probing words.

Me and Jodi lingered about each others' periphery for a while but it was only last year that I suddenly became afraid I had lost her. Her writing is completely unique. I adore the mythology in her work, imbued as it is with eroticism and wildness, plus an extraordinary delivery, that only she can achieve.

Whether she's pirating on the high seas with her Wicked Woman's Booty or questioning the Gods, Jodi MacArthur's fiction is bliss. I want to own it, possess it, hold it in my hands and flick through its pages. It's coming - uh huh - and I want the first signed copy.

Art is a letter of regret, of accusation. Within it, Jodi MacArthur says what is only right.

Art by Jodi MacArthur 
*Originally published in Full Of Crow October 2009

Dear Saul,

You have no idea how much I've missed our meetings. And although I can't stand you, can't bear to be with you, somewhere, deep inside, I have this sick obsession with the way your eyes crinkle when you smile, the way your hair flops over your ears when you tilt your head to listen. I'd like to say this isn't difficult, but it is. And I don't even have to tell you for you to know that. You sick puppy.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to feel cut up on the inside as well as the outside? Blood blooms on my wrists as I write. Some call it suicide. I call it art. My masterpiece. Each petal, each thorn carved to perfection.

My last painting on canvas, I’d chosen one word and left it dripping in Sepia. I mixed Scarlett with Serpent-Green and swirled them until the word was invisible. At our meeting, I thought you’d be thrilled. Instead you told me the economy was slow and you’d have to let go of the best. I watched your lips lie to me, like I knew they would. The canvas represented you and I, Saul. Why didn’t you see that? The truth is hidden in lies. That is why I chose the word liar.

The truth, dear Saul, is that you couldn’t afford your wife to find out. She’s sitting on a green inheritance. Remember? You told me last fall while we moved against Merlot sheets and October frost.

You want to cut my commission and trash my work? Fine.

People will remember me. They will remember you. Amongst the thorns and perfect slashes on this canvas of skin, I’ve carved your name. My own life’s paint has sacrificed itself in your name.

You disgraced me. And soon, I suspect, your wife will disgrace you.

All The Best,


Jodi MacArthur talks to the cactus on her roof under a full moon and then she writes on skin. She wonders if you’ll lend her yours, you can contact or read more at
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