Thursday, 6 January 2011

Prediction Winner

Such a variety of style this week yet a consistently high quality of writing. I'll summarise in just a moment but a reminder that as a one-off, whoever wins - and I won't know for sure until I reach the end of this post - will judge the next competition and choose next week's winner.

  • William Davoll's The Day Sadie Left is riddled with sadness, as the object of the narrator's love forces him to take his own life.
  • Fury at her man's chronic lateness has Mimimanderly dispensing of his services, with relish  in Killing Time.
  • The Devil waits for no man, we are warned as he speaks to us direct in David Barber's Abaddon. Then with the latest episode of The Two Blokes, a mis-hearing of 'clock' starts a whole new conversation that ends up with nuts.
  • Lies, love and unsaid threats stir throughout Time and Memory by Antonia Woodville.
  • Sci-fi merges with mythical, magic lands in Aidan F's vivid Smelling Salts.
  • Michael Solender puts his foot in his mouth and ends up without a date in Theater at Eight.
  • A raging tempest hinders Mischa's passage to deliver the royal booty in Chris Allinotte's The Courier.
  • I give out my final instructions in Giving It Away, followed by a dedication to the mythological Ladies of Judgement that are, The Furies - in Of Justice.
  • A human ticking-clock, waiting to explode takes everyone with him in AJ Humpage's The Same Air.
  • Susan May James double-deals, firstly with a newly-wed's vicious revenge in Off Keel. The lure of discovery is the pull that traps Clive - before his partner does - in Last Dive.
  • Asuqi's spiralling dancer whirls into a frenzy, her meds discarded - then wolfed down in one go.
  • Morbid greed abounds at Bill Owens' dangerous table, shackled and bound.
  • Pixie J. King's thief defends himself against the victim of his own crime in Stolen.

Tough, tough, tough. But the winner of 2010's final Prediction, and judge of 2011's first - is Asuqi with her mad-eyed dancer. Congratulations Asuqi!! I wasn't sure whether Here to play was your arriving comment or your title - but it suits. I'll be in touch about next week's judging. ;)

Choosing a runner-up was an equal challenge but Chris Allinote's tempestuous journey The Courier roiled me around and slapped me down. Well done Chris.

And THANK YOU to everyone who entered Lily's Friday Prediction during 2010. You are an extraordinarily talented group of writers and it has been my pleasure to invite you in. A very happy, healthy and successful 2011 to you all.
Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.