Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow - Out Now!

I promised; I kept you waiting... but finally here it is - the second novella in the Magenta Shaman series, Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow.

Book Description:

Natural born shaman, Magenta Sweeney is torn from the comfort of England's green coast and sent on a terrifying trance journey by the very guides and guardians that claim to protect her. This time she must do as she is told. This time – she has no choice.

In Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow Maggie finds herself eight hundred miles from home, wandering the Bohemian forests of the Czech Republic in a final, desperate attempt to rescue the father she'd long believed dead.

As the bleak stone walls of ancient Houska Castle loom through the trees the shaman must prepare herself as never before.

And when the Gates of Hell open to invite Magenta in, she is forced to make a decision – one that could be her last.

Book cover (c) Laurence Ranger and Lily Childs

Download Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow now from:

Feedback... and would you write a review?

I would love to receive your feedback on Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow. Do leave your comments below - and if you would be prepared to write a review for Amazon or Goodreads, that would be wonderful (and helps others to decide whether to buy the book).

I am so grateful for your thoughts - as always.

Coming Soon on Other Devices

I hope to publish both Magenta Shaman and Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow through Smashwords in the next few weeks. This will allow you to download it in other forms (including PDF) to PC, Mac, Nook, e-readers, i-Phones/Pads, Android phones and more.

The books will be available through Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Sony and the Apple Store.



  1. Congrats, Lily! Another shamanic adventure with Magenta is sure to be a hit. Best success with it.

  2. It now has a good home on my Kindle and I can't wait to start reading. Well done, Lily. You are deserved of all your success. You're a fine writer, a great friend and a top bird! (That's the Manc in me) :-)

    P.s. Thanks for all your recent help and info. Much appreciated. ;-)

  3. Hooray for availability for Nook! I look forward to reading it.

  4. i'd be more than happy to have a look, and tell you what i think of the work.

  5. Downloading as we speak (in a manner of speaking), sweetie!
    It may be a bit before I can sit down and read, but I would be honored to say a few words on Amazon when I have finished. I have reached a critical point in my NaNoWriMo novel, and I have some tough decisions to make. Remind me again why I am doing this? Glory? Nope. Money? HA! Because you love a challenge? Eh... maybe. Because you're just plain crazy? YES!

    Congratulations, Lily! I am so thrilled for you! *virtual hugs*

  6. Congratulations, Lily, on being accepted in Cruentus Libri's '100 Horrors' Anthology! I can't wait to see what little tale of horror you have in store for everyone!

    I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to be featured in the same anthology as you... I am so bragging on this.. "yes, I am in anthology with LILY CHILDS!!" :)

  7. Erin, thank you!

    David, cheers (and blush). I hope you enjoy it as much as the first book.

    Reba, I was told yesterday about an open-source programme 'Calibre' at that will convert all e-books to versions that can be read by other devices (such as Kindle to Nook) - interesting.

    Quin - a new voice at The Feardom. Greetings to you. It's very kind of you to offer to read the book. If you'd like me to send you a Review copy could you please complete my contact form (in the Contact Lily tab); otherwise it's 99c ($1.59 inc tax) on Many thanks.

    Veronica-Marie. No rush! I know how important NaNo is. :) I'd love to read the finished piece even before you edit it. And Cruentus Libri - yay!

  8. Lily, Lily, Lily ~ Glad that health be sewing up a good mend in your worlds . . .

    ONWARD! Trances plus a shared Bohemian background of our Czechoslovakian gypsy heritage? As if I'd pass that *magick* by.

    Reading and Review shall ensue.

    Now should I be drinking a red or a white with this? ~ Absolutely*Kate

  9. Kate, my thanks. Am feeling unusually healthy in mind, body and spirit.

    I hope you enjoy the *Magick* of the book - it's personal. Really must email your soon re: that old heritage of ours.

    Wine? Whatever colour takes you...


  10. Such great news hearing Magenta is back on sale and having more adventures. I will certainly review it after I read.

    I hope you have great success with Book 2 and hopefully even a ripple back of sales to book 1 from people who missed it.

    Ooh I see you and Veronica are also in 100 Horrors too, I'l meet you in there. I think it'll be a good one that. A bit like reading a whole book of Friday Predictions.
    Good luck Lily.

  11. Thank you Tony!!

    100 Horrors does feel like a home from home, doesn't it. We'll shall have to have a Prediction party.

  12. Congratulations, Lily! How wonderful it must be to see one´s work take off on its own! I´m very happy for you!

  13. downloaded and started reading it, will finish it when I can, it's as good as the first one so far!
    Congratulations! hope it continues to sell well.

  14. Lily - I would be honored to have you read my NaNo novel before it is edited, and get your insight. With the holiday looming, I am jumping ahead and working on the ending right. I think that is a crucial step, to be able to say 'finis'! It gives one a sense of accomplishment. I can go back and fill in later when the editing begins.

    I couldn't wait... I started STONES THE CROW... I just want to read a bit, then back to work. Ohhh... this is going to be GOOD!! Already I am thinking, should I ever venture to Middle Europe, that I shall give the Bohemian woods a wide berth!
    I just read a scene that gives relevance to the title... clever word play!

    Alas... I must leave off there, for now.

    Congrats, John and Anthony as well! Do I count now, eight Predictioneers in 100 Horrors? How marvelous!

    Okay... going to put the tea on and 'fire up' Bella... write... write... write!

  15. Congrats Lily for getting another book out there. I've downloaded both but have yet to start reading them. I will confess now that it's a genre I've read little of but looking forward to them.


  16. Asuqi, Antonia and Veronica Marie - thank you. Please do let me know what you think - your feedback means so much.

    Nick, I so appreciate your downloading the books.

    You say "it's a genre I've read little of..." but I confess it's not a genre I expected to write in and I suspect it doesn't fit into classical fantasy - but then fitting in has never been my thing :-).

    I do hope you enjoy the books. Thank you.


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