Thursday, 22 September 2011

Prediction Winner

Great to have been a bit more involved, not that time has been particularly kind -just more lenient perhaps. There are some truly heart-rending entries this week - I've even woken up at night with one or two still stirring in my head.

I shall cease blathering and do a quick summary instead (because I actually managed to comment already - hurrah!) So...

  • Michael, Morning Tea - a poisonous tale of murder as 'she' slurps herself to death.
  • My Amour Nocturnale speaks of dangerous love, but the visitor had been warned.
  • Zaiure, everyone welcomes the final gifts of Death's Mistress as she flails in whipping ecstacy.
  • Patsy, Ransomed paints a haunting picture of senility; occasional but inevitable.
  • Aidan, throwing up a fountain of questions Night Ghūl demands the impossible choice. Too late, Maggie.
  • Veronica, love conquers all - except a husband on the wrong side of a zombie conversion in Once Bitten.
  • Antonia, a revenant with revenge on his mind that no priest could heal, such is his Mission.
  • John's Billy makes the mistake of sipping from Alice's bottle (don't we all) and is instantly Hounded by bad dog Chester.
  • Phil turns our lives upside down with the most real of horror in Loss, and a guilt of which you could never be free.
  • Chris offers up a lush marital (maybe) dispute as the pair prepare to dance to their own deadly tune, in Shirts, Skins and Violins.
  • Ravenways declares the mystery of loup garou, with an August Moon death - one too many in This Is War.
  • AJ sees the world through the glazed eyes of tragic streetlife, true streetlife - in the tragic Just Another Echo.

Emotion has won my heart over the last seven days. I suspect you won't be surprised to hear that my winner this week is Phil Ambler with the terrifying Loss. Phil - the odd thing is I really did dream something similar, but the night before - not after you submitted this piece. Love our babies - always and forever.
'Congratulations' doesn't seem like the right word, but being able to reach into our souls like that with simple words is a true talent.

Equally disturbing is runner-up AJ Humpage's Just Another Echo; such dancing descriptions for this horrid reality. Well done for such wonderful penning and also for reminding us all.

I must make my escape - slip beneath the quilt and hope against hope that I don't travel the astral plane again this night, for I am so, so tired. I'll return with the dawn and a new challenge. Good night, dear friends.


  1. it's 20 past 1, I can't sleep, the house is mine, so here I am checking what I knew would happen, that the unbelievably heartbreaking outstanding piece from Phil would be the winner this week. I cannot begin to say how much that got to me, too. My kid is now 37, how she got that old without accident is beyond me. A perpetual fear. Even now I am awake because she is in the north of England on a tour round family and I am worried. Phil, congratulations and know well that one came straight from the heart.
    AJ, stunning piece as always. Congratulations!
    Memo to me, must try harder next week...

  2. Congratulations, Phil! My heart is still in my throat on this one. Heartbreaking!

    AJ... as always... excellent prose... Congratulations!

    I am heading over to finish reading everyone else's stories... this is becoming the high point of my week!

  3. Congrats Phil and AJ. Will have to catch up on your challenges.

  4. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and humbled to hear the feelings it stirred in people. A strange feeling to 'win' with that story as it was so close to home; my son is almost three and a wonderful, happy lad who I love dearly.

    AJ - such a well written tale. I've said this many a time but always love your stuff.

  5. Congratulations, both of you. Amazing job to tug so strongly at the heart strings with so few words, Phil, really great piece.

  6. Thank you for your comments everyone. Thanks Lily, too.

    But well done Phil, gritty stuff. We've all had that heart in the mouth moment...fear is such a primal emotion and you captured it so well.


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