Friday, 5 August 2011

Prediction Winner

Good job I don't take it personally how you all throw me into turmoil with your talent each week. Let's cut to the chase and summarise the (stunning) entries:

  • Tony throws us into the sale of a lifetime, but are these smoke-damaged goods the bargain they seem in (one version in my head of) Texas Chain Store Massacre
  • Phil dances onto the floor with Takeout and finds himself with a very hungry date. Bet she never orders a home-delivery.
  • Aidan invites us into a strange world where love is a curse that can end up as fatal. First Curse.
  • Antonia sends A Wish For Summer Rain as the old ones dance around their Jack In The Green, unaware how huge a sacrifice it actually is.
  • Chris sits us down to read a fairy story - with a killer ending in "Kill Them All, said the Magic Frog."
  • William's dancing Clodovea sprays innocent(?) men with burning tequila. "You wanna piece of me? You got it"
  • My ancient-British shaman saves her daughter, who in turn sacrifices her lover so that she can continue to live, in Of Warriors And Women.
  • AJ takes us on an emotional Final Journey to a man-made hell on earth.
  • Veronica throws us to the marauding zombies in Daybreak - and just when we think we are safe...
  • MuckieDuckie exposes a family in domestic feud, trying to keep it together for the little ones in I Cling Inside the Border-Wall.

Brilliant - every single one. I'm kind of breaking with tradition here, in two ways. Firstly, because I have two, joint winners, and secondly because one of them won last week too.

My first winner is AJ with the terrifying yet exquisitely beautiful Final Journey.

Winner No. 2 is Muckie with her proud and violently emotional I Cling Inside the Border-Wall.

Huge congratulations to you both.

I'll return later today with the new challenge. Hope to see you there.


  1. Congrats AJ and Muckie. Both their stories really moved me and deserves to be in the winning position. They also both had elements that dug deep into my psyche and touched up very raw human fears and darkness.

    I'm not shocked it's a joint winning spot, my only surprise is you've never had to do this before.

  2. amazing stories. AJ's cut to the very heart, as she does so often, damnit! and was perfect, and Muckie caught the emotions in her tight fist and squeezed.
    Hell, the competition is hotting up like you would not believe!

  3. Oo thank you all. What a lovely surprise. Well done Muckie D too.

    I haven't been around much lately to post comments, so apologies, I have mucho worko on the plate with several novel critiques and writing projects and stuff to get done and a tight schedule to keep to.

    But I'll make up for it!

  4. Congrats go to AJ. It was a wonderful and terrible story.

    Thank you to everyone else, I'm absolutely speechless. Though my boyfriend did look at me funny when I started screaming and jumping up and down.


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