Sunday, 14 August 2011

Goodbye, dear friend

Tonight I heard the enormously sad news that an on old friend has passed away. Catherine Evans was one of life's one-offs, an artist who excelled at St. Martins in the 1940s, friend of some terribly dodgy and exciting characters, a highly articulate storyteller, a disarmingly accurate psychic/astrologer and a sublime cook.

Catherine - Laurence and I will miss you so much, but we know you've found yourself the best seat wherever you've moved on to and have probably decided on your next adventure. We have no doubt that you're already organising an extraordinary party that every single 'guest' will enjoy - as is your style.

This isn't a post for people to comment on; it's an open dedication. Catherine, I love you, and I'll miss you very much. Be happy. xx


  1. The next adventure, absolutely. Peace to you both.

  2. Passing my condolences, Lil.

  3. Catherine is still around! I had an amazing experience last night - just after I had emailed you - just wrote about it on my blog. Also, Ilena just rang and she described a woman holding out an amethyst crystal point. I sent an Amethyst pendulum to Catherine last Christmas! Will talk to you very soon. Sending lots of love and hugs xxx

  4. On to a better place. Condolences, Lily.

    Best wishes!

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words. Getting back on my feet a bit now, and smiling with Catherine at the good times - which is what she would have wanted.


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