Thursday, 5 May 2011

Prediction Winner

A short, but extremely sweet number of entries this week.

  • Aidan gives us a fascinating insight into the history of the Origins of the Wyrm Cult, with a gentle play on the name Salem (Samuel) Parris. Encyclopædia Universsica: On the Origins of the Wyrm Cult
  • William delivers the finale of his compelling Plague series - on The Feardom at least, with a promise of more bones elsewhere in After the plague. Finale!
    With Rex-Erection William wipes away the glamour of rebirth. No pale and red-lipped gothic hunk here; more shrivelled, compound dust.
  • Rebecca plays a morbid game with friends and a dead cat at the riverbank of childhood in Girls Club, before coming full circle to the tragic present day.
  • Reba whips up a new world, a corrupt yet banal cult that people take for granted. Yet someone small awaits deliverance in Thursday.
  • Chris makes human pancakes out of Zach, at the hands of Zach's wife Eileen. Eileen probably follows up with a few sugary, happy-clappy routines in The Butterworth Rites.
  • John's Queen of the Hive has something more to hide than a dodgy obsession, and with a mouth oozing with furry creatures she is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Antonia's Doorstep Salesman is a pain in the freakin' arse. First he turns up at the most inconvenient time, and then inducts and kills her without a 'by-your-leave'. Charming.
  • My Miss Sickly Sweet 2011 takes an appalled and disgusted look at the farce of children's Beauty Contests. 
  • AJ's runaway opens her veins for the cult, her lifeforce pooling across the cold floor in the atmospheric Bleed.
  • David's Two Blokes are back with another in-depth and inspiring conversation, hanging out at the bar. That's 'Cult'. C - U - L - T.
  • Phil (Greetings Phil!) serves up a glorious pagan platter of deity, misplaced by a latter incomer in his untitled piece.
  • Susan returns with pretty words with a dark side; her poem confessing the truth behind the syrup.

All very different.

I have joint winners. The first is Aidan with his fascinating faux facts in the Encyclopædia Universsica: On the Origins of the Wyrm Cult, and for teaching me the word ochlocracy. My joint winner is Rebecca Bohn with the tomboy vs. grown-up woman's Girls Club. Congratulations both.

I loved everyone's entries though for a whole load of reasons from the dark and dangerous to the crude and base. Naughty.

I am encumbered by slumber so will be back in the morning with a new temptation, I mean - Challenge.

Sleep well...


  1. Congratulations Aidan and Rebecca, both well-deserved. =)

    Looks like a handful of entries sneaked in right at the end there, will have to go back and read them. =)

  2. I vastly underestimated my free time, and ended up embarrassed not to comment on all my fellow Predictioneers' entries. So I thank you for making me joint-winner with Aidan, and I'm going to try and fully participate this upcoming week, before your Prediction hiatus goes into effect later on.

    Gods, but I sound dry as toast. Give me strength (and a bottle of white zin, please).

  3. congratulations Aidan and Rebecca and to Lily for judging, another tough call there!
    I will try and be more sedate this week, great words!!!
    the gunslinger story from a week back is about to be developed into a full length piece.
    Having problems today, there are NO letters left on this keyboard and my fingers appear to have forgotten where each key is ... after 53 years of typing, I should not need letters on keys!!!!

  4. Congratulations Rebecca.

    I'm currently visiting what I now think of as "Asuqi-land". The weather is frightfully nice. Hope y'all's weekends are good.

  5. Well done you 2!! I apologise once a again for my lack of comments last week. I will try harder this week.

  6. Congratulations Aidan and Becky! Loved them both!

    And Aidan, don´t tell me you were in Stockholm this weekend?! Don´t tell me you were on the opening of Gröna Lund on Saturday! Were you? WERE YOU??? Because I was there.

  7. I was in Stockholm, but decided to chase around little robots in Södermalm instead of making it to the opening of Gröna Lund. How was the twister?

    Jag är i sverige till tjugonde av denna månad.

  8. Lily, pardon me for hijacking your blog, I won´t make a habit of it! I´m just gonna talk to Aidan =)

    Aidan, jag missade Twister, 90 minuters kö och vi hade bara fem timmar på oss allt som allt. Men jag provade Fritt Fall, 80 m fallhöjd! Den var skitläskig =)

    Jag är i Östersund. Är du på väg norrut, kanske?

  9. Lily, I'm going to continue the hijacked thread. I hope you don't think us too rude.

    Asuqi, kanske. Men jag är en lite sjuk. Jag resa till sverige ofta, så jag kommer att går norra någon gång. Jag har enda bodde i Stockholm och Visby när jag går till sverige. Jag ska mejla dig om jag mår bättre eller nästa tid jag resa till sverige.


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