Sunday, 1 May 2011

Erin Cole's Beltane Breakfast Interview with Lily Childs

Friend, fellow horror-writer, Predictioneer and February Femme Fatale Erin Cole was kind enough to invite me over to her blog for a natter recently. And she has chosen today - May 1st - Beltane - to post the interview; a date that means a lot to me for many reasons.

To take a little nosey...
Interview with Spinetingler Award Nominee Lily Childs

There's also a new, previously unpublished short story Wraiths and Stays to tickle you, as well as some exciting news about my first Kindle publication which is hanging in the ether as I write.

Hope to meet you there. And Erin, thank you for the place on the couch.

Sun-up over Eastbourne at Beltane 2011


  1. I loved your interview, and the way you speak from your heart, unafraid. Many thanks for letting us dive into your writing world - it is a personal thing to share.
    And look at that gorgeous Beltane picture! I'll have to email you mine.
    Thanks again, Lily. You are admired by many.

  2. You are certainly admired by me!! A great interview, Lily, that gave us all a look into that beautifully dark and crazy mind of yours. And a bonus of a great piece of flash fiction. What a great start to a Sunday.

    Your novella is on my ebook list. My wife is getting me a kindle for Fathers Day. I know I've slated them in the past BUT I can now see they are the way forward. (paper books will always be in my heart).

    Beautiful phot by the way!

    Excellent stuff, Lily, and I feel honored to be amongst your "virtual" friends! x

  3. Lily, I love the way you open your heart and mind and just let the words flow. That is how you write your fiction, and to see it in the personal responses to Erin's questions really touched me. You are beautiful and mystical inside and out. I'm so grateful to know you. Keep pushing for those dreams of yours. Looking forward to your soon to be relaesed novella! xx

  4. Thank you so much Erin. There have been some wonderful comments today: I'm really touched.

    Erin, David and Jodi you are such special friends, for so many reasons. A beautiful and blessed 1st May to you all. xx


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