Thursday, 24 February 2011

Prediction Winner

Giddy up and get those hosses on the run. I'm off to the pub and thar's rum to be drunk. Actually more like a sedate white wine and orange juice, but even so...

Excellent Prediction entries this week, though the numbers have dropped a bit. Seems there's a lot of poorliness going round at the moment so big hugs of good health going out to all.

OK, enough of the niceties and over to the matter at hand. To summarise:

  • In David's Lights Out a manipulator uses the narrator to exact revenge without getting blood on his own hands.
  • The victims in Ellie's story ebb and flow against the cliff in hope of capturing their killer, in Waiting for the Fall.
  • Mimi told a tragic but touching tale of assisted suicide in Letting Go.
  • A girl in the throws of deluded adoration takes the final plunge in Sandra's Bastard.
  • Antonia has the strangest of creatures learning the even weirder ways of the world in Alien Invasion.
  • Diana's back, and she's carrying blades, in Chris' Moonless Night Sonata in D.
  • A flight from hell severs its passengers' heads from their travel-weary bodies in Sue's Delayed In Transit.
  • Twisted matrimony sees Melenka waiting for for her ex-lover's cast off in Wed.
  • A victim of abuse escapes to the Land of Liberty but will never forget her tormenter in AJ's Slowburn.
  • The Gods are angry and looking for breakfast in the guise of a fat coach driver in Col Bury's Moody Bastard.
  • Erin's murdering weregirl hides her evidence within her scent and under her nails in The San Francisco Slayer.
  • My story A Lonely Soldier He tells of one ghost waiting for another, above and below the crumbling cliffs of Sussex.
  • Grumpy and thirsty, Anthony's character sees his own face in a dead girl's pram then turns on the boring girlfriend in Nursery Crimes.
  • Aidan runs a painful race, planning his revenge through the agony in Crosscountry 2038
  • Smugglers take no prisoners in the rush for whiskey barrels for the Abbey in Kim's Holy Water.

Diverse and varied themes made the Prediction a challenge to judge but my winner this week is the poignant and dignified Letting Go from Mimimanderly. Congratulations Mimi, a truly touching read.

Runner-up is Melenka with her matrimonial poem Wed, I loved the delivery and the final twist. Well done Melenka.

I can't finish without a special mention for Anthony's concept of his antihero seeing his own face on the doll in the pram. Tony - the graphic is just for you ;)

Back tomorrow - I'll be waiting...


  1. Well done Mimi and Melenka!

    Oh, the Tony Doll™...Available at Argos and all good stockists from tomorrow!

  2. Congratulations Mimi & Melenka, well deserved.

  3. Congratulations to both Mimi and Melenka great stories that deserved the recognition.

    Haha Lily that doll freaked the fuck out of me. I thought, I recognise that face, for a moment then realised lol. Jesus wept that's brilliant, thanks, erm I think.

    'the Tony Doll™...Available at Argos' Excellent.

  4. Excellent picks! Loved Mimi's Letting Go and Melenka's poem, Wed.

    A toast to Lily! Mine is a PNW Grigio tonight.

  5. Thank you so much! There are always so many excellent entries that it really means something to stand out here!

  6. Thank you so much! All those hours in poetry class finally paid off. Considering how brilliant the writers are here, I am truly flattered.

  7. Congratulations to Mimi and Melenka!

    OMG. That doll has freaked me out. So funny.

  8. many congratulations to Mimi and Melenka, es, brilliant stories, wonderful writing.
    Lily, I LOVE the doll graphic! Tony will never be the same again - nor will I see his icon on TB the same way again ...

  9. Congrats to the winners! Apologies for my lack of comments. I've been pretty busy all week and now we have visitors. Happy days.......if you really love your in-laws!! HA!!


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