Friday, 7 January 2011

Their Dark Masters - On Sale Now

I am dead excited to announce that the long-awaited Their Dark Masters is now on sale through Amazon. (Amazon US for the moment, UK in a few days time.)

This "extreme vampire horror" anthology includes two of my stories 'The Infanta Triptych' and 'Walls of Flesh' as well as work by some of the most respected horror authors of the moment - Lee Hughes, Erin Cole, Barry J. Northern, Carrie Clevenger, Marissa Farrar, Gregory Miller, Paul Anderson, Rebecca L. Brown, Erik Boman, Tyree Campbell, Henry Brasater, Brian K. Ladd - and Mark Anthony Crittenden, the editor and designer of the beautiful cover.

Huge thanks to Mark for his passion and talent in editing TDM.

Excerpt from The Infanta Triptych:

"...Flickers of breath tremored through the near-corpses. Scarapat bent towards them, gagging at the collection of odours. Each one had been discarded after a single bite. He stood up and clicked his fingers. Dull light spread into the room as the heavy factory door opened allowing four men to enter.

“Dispose of them. Quickly,” the caretaker said.

After further guidance from Scarapat, the tallest of the four turned to his team and spoke in a low voice. The group split up to circle the bodies, grabbing limbs to separate one individual from another, ignoring the drug-addled screams.

‘Sshhh,’ the foreman said, dropping bones to the floor. Slowly, one man after another ceased his labour. Sandalwood-scented smoke swirled in and out of the gaps between muscle and victim. The Lady hung there, drifting; teasing at the men’s skin, breathing in their fear. Her laughter burst through their ears as breaking glass. She screamed.

“Lay me out a Jacob’s Ladder”
(c) Lily Childs

The Infanta Triptych sings the tale of Napoleon Scarapat, protector of an ancient painting that houses his own dark masters. They have waited so long, and now they want to go home, but not without a little taste of Art-World elite on the way. They'd like to invite you along for a sip and a bite - I do hope you will enjoy the ride.


  1. This sounds like a do not miss book.

  2. Congratulations! What a GREAT cover design too!

  3. Can't wait to read your story...Napoleon Scarapat, protector of ancient paintings...I love the direction you take fiction. Awesome to be in an anthology with you!

  4. Laurita, I can't wait to read everyone's work in this!

    Thank you Fiona. It certainly is a great cover - I love his glowing spiders.

    Erin - like-wise! It's like being on a journey together. I'm SO looking forward to reading Tormented - the tease you've posted on Erin Cole Writes is irresistibly delicious.

    Thank you so much Diane.

  5. Tease is certiamnly the right word. That little snippet packed a powerful punch. Very hearty congrats Lily!

  6. Huge congrats, Lily. As Sean said, a tease indeed. The book oozes quality! Well done, Dark Mistress!! :-)

  7. Great stuff, LilyC. Congratulations !

  8. Yay! Congratulations, Lily.

    My copy of Daily Bites arrived today and I have to say I was surprised at the large size. It doesn't fit on my bookshelf with the others. LOL. What did you think of it?

  9. Thanks everyone for hailing this fine, fine work of fiction. I assure you it is the best of its kind, and yes, not to miss. Lily, you'll be pleased when you open the book and see the portrait of Scarapat on the inside page. I rather liked that one. Well done, Lily and congratulations on your powerful stories. There will be more surprises coming with this book...awards, interviews, etc, stay posted!

  10. Ps...Ellie, Their Dark Masters is a handy 6"X9", nothing cumbersome, and a perfect fit for any bookshelf. :) Hehee!

  11. Dark Mistress, David? Ooh - thanks!

    And thanks to Lexia and Ellie too.

    Ellie, I've only got Daily Bites on Kindle so far - am saving up my pennies for that one. I've got bookshelves of all sizes in every room - I'm sure I'll find somewhere it'll fit!

  12. A portrait of Napoleon Scarapat, Mark? How exciting! Is it one of Marie-Claire Graham's illustrations? And on the inside page too. I just want it in my hands - right here, right now! And yes I know how childish that sounds. :)

  13. Yup, it's Claire Graham's. She did all the inside illustrations. :)

  14. the sandlewood got me, loved your teaser "Sandalwood-scented smoke swirled in and out of the gaps between muscle and victim. The Lady hung there, drifting; teasing at the men’s skin, breathing in their fear." Wow, wht a bite! Give me more, more!

    Congrts Lily! Can't wiat to raed them all! <3


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