Sunday, 9 January 2011

Skull-Shaped Lover

Skull-Shaped Lover
by Lily Childs

There is more
than bright colours
in her wardrobe.
There’s the head
of a dead man too.
He peeks through flouncy blouses,
winking in pink,
smirking at blue.
She found him by the roadside,
detached, quite
Grinning at passers-by,
spitting at them with lies
about how he got there -
laughing at their replies.
He prefers the dark, he says;
likes to laze in her
cotton and silk.
His milky eyes suck in
tints and hints of greens
and reds.
He licks the hanging fabrics,
bites off trailing threads.
And when she’s home
from the office,
kicked off her shoes,
fed, bathed and nude
he calls to her, sweetly
“Miss Suzie”
until her hands finger the door,
when she joins him
behind her dresses.
She strokes the tresses
of his cold, dead head,
kisses his mouth and then
takes him to bed.


  1. Anyone got an illustration for this for me??

  2. I have in my head but I couldn't possibly draw it!

    That was great, Lily. Quite sick, a bit perverted but most excellent.

    Can't your hubby draw one for you?? From those ones you posted he's a talented guy.

  3. I did ask him David, but the footie overtook his creative impulses today. So it's open to anyone!

    Thanks for your (?) compliments too.

  4. Loved it! All things considered a rather happy relationship, I´d say =)

    If I´m ever the last one standing (for some reason I keep identifying with Will Smith´s character in ´I am legend´) I hope I go quietly, happily insane like Suzie here =)

    Thursday´s drawing closer! Advice? Advice!

  5. Advice sent>>>...

    Glad you liked it. Is she insane? Really?

  6. Lily, they were major compliments. I really enjoy your poetry. My childish mind took over and I saw her holding the head by it's hair, stuck betwee...I think you know where I'm going with that.

    That was the drawing I had in my head as well!

  7. This one is just pure awesome. Truly horrific, and raw. Do you need an illustration for this?

  8. David! Dirtee b*gger. Tee hee.

    Mark, I would love an illustration to grace the words. Wouldst thou be offering?

  9. You've nailed the pacing and rhythm of a traditional love poem to the wall of an abattoir. Macabre-ificent.

  10. This is grand! Like an adult version of Shel Silverstein, wicked, dark poems that I read to my children everynight, and this one, in a few years, will be a must!
    "...he calls to her, sweetly
    “Miss Suzie”
    until her hands finger the door,
    when she joins him
    behind her dresses." - it doesn't get any better than that.

  11. That was awesome. Great descriptive imagery. The "kisses his mouth" part is just plain nasty, but oh so cool.

  12. Chris, Erin, Sean - thank you my dears; I appreciate your words.

    Last night something kept knocking the door of my closet - checked this morning; nothing there. Although I'm sure my clothes were in a different order. Hmmnn..

  13. I like it! Very good.

    Thank you for visiting my blog by the way, and for your comment too.

    Dark and warm regards,


  14. Lily give me till the weekend on it. I'll draw up something cool. Is it just for the post or is this being published somewherez? just wonderin'

  15. Mark, you're a star. Thank you.

    It's only for this post, I'm afraid - for the moment at least. It was one of those that just fell out of my head and demanded to be upped immediately. You know how it is.

  16. Lily, right back at ya. I'll get this pic to you in a few.


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