Thursday, 13 January 2011

Prediction Winner

Lily's first Friday Prediction of 2011 came with a difference - with a guest judge to choose the winner.

2010's final Prediction winner Asuqi had the huge task of judging the challenge - and I think she's realised quite how hard it is! So well done Asuqi - you did a great job!

I'm going to shut up now - and hand over to our beautifully articulate, Swedish wordsmith, Asuqi...

Wow! I´ve been equally nervous/terrified and excited all week! This is a tough job, I tell you, and the responsibility weighs heavy on my shoulders -- such a variety of stories and such fine writing! I've tried to go about the summary ´Lily-style´ and in choosing the winner and the runner-up, I used my gut feeling. I hope you're all okay with this! Here we go:

  • Michael hit it off with a tale of hatred and revenge that in the end turned to comedy -- sorry Phoebe, but that was so amusing!
  • Anthony treated us to classic horror with his story about supernatural abduction. Killer last sentence, Anthony, I haz chills!
  • Mimi brought us a raw story about the danger of suppressed emotions. Hatred and humour in unholy combination -- henpecked, indeed ;)
  • William jumped in with a clever comment to what the ambitions of modern people in western society might be worth in the afterlife.
  • Then came Chris' creepy tale of the insanity that lingers underneath. Another classic horror-piece. People, if something feels 'off', just run away from it!
  • Antonia came bringing a vengeful housewife. A smooth tale about the perfect revenge. Maybe this lady's a match for Mimi's guy?
  • Aidan wrote a ghost-story with mythical qualities, poetic language and great imagery.
  • David brought us two pieces. The first one's about a lesson learned the hard way. The second one's a brutal tale about truth. I like the bizarre element here.
  • AJ treated us to delicious terror in her piece about betrayal. Great dynamics in this one.
  • Susan wrote a story about managing multiple worlds. A lovely description of what it can feel like when one's pulled back to the real world.
  • Lily brought mythical creatures locked together in sad and twisted passion. Superb imagery.
  • Scratchypen wrote a strong monster scene. Yes, how effective indeed? Silver bullets, anyone?
  • Pixie finished off with a stark picture of abuse. Or is it? Maybe it´s a story about someone deeply disturbed, imprisoned by his/her own mind…


This week's winner is last minute contestant Pixie. The voice in this piece captured me, such a strange and captivating perspective giving the story a profoundly creepy atmosphere. I also love the tree house setting -- perfect! Congratulations Pixie!

Two runner-ups (sorry, but there could have been four ya' know! ): Aidan F for his Kelb-el-Khela. This is a very rich story, lots of content in few words. Poetic language and wonderful imagery won my heart, and AJ Humpage with her well-balanced, illusive Driftwood.

Great writing, everyone! I don´t feel right judging your wonderful work, but I can at least say I´ve read everything many times (knows a lot by heart now, in fact) and lots of thinking effort has gone into this!

Thanks Lily for having such faith in me -- I´m truly honoured! And thanks everyone for participating this week and letting me be your judge! I wouldn't say it's been fun exactly (too damn difficult to choose!), but it's been very interesting and a great learning experience =)

Thank you so much Asuqi - I know we all appreciate your hard work.

Congratulations Pixie, and well done Aidan and AJ.

Be on your toes, I may pick a guest judge slot again in a few months time!



  1. Um, that I wasn't exactly expecting at all. Considering I came up with it in 10 minutes before college this morning and it's kind of all beyond me!

    Thanks so much Asuqi, and well done to Aidan and AJ!

    And thanks for Lily for hosting my work...(I think I need my knuckles rapped! ;) )

  2. Congratulations Pixie and AJ!

    Thanks Lily for hosting these engaging stories and Asuqi for performing the hard job of judging these entrants this week.

  3. Congrats, everyone! And Asuqi, you did a fine, fine job, my friend!

  4. Well done Pixie, Aidan and AJ - Great reads, all.
    Nicely judged Asuqi, difficult job.

    Thanks to Lily for the challenge each week, and for everyone's positive and encouraging comments.

  5. Well done Pixie, Aidan, AJ and Asqui for a great collection of winners and a well summarised round up.

  6. Thanx everyone! You are a lovely bunch =)

  7. Asuqi, fine judging! Thanks for all the comments.
    Congratulations (again) Pixie, it was a fine piece of writing with a lot going on that we can think about.
    Congratulations to runners up and to all of you, GRRRR, you all set such impossibly high standards every week it is seriously hard work meeting this challenge!


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