Monday, 24 January 2011

New site for Col Bury and Pretty Pinholes bursts forth

Friend, shit-hot crime writer and Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers co-editor Col Bury has a new blog. It's clean, it's mean and, actually it's representative of the true pro that Col is.

Take some time to visit -

Not only that, Col is also posting stories by guest authors. I'm very proud that my dark and shiny, nasty piece - Pretty Pinholes - is parading its filthy head once more as the very first in the list. It would be lovely if you could comment and rate it - if that's not asking too much.

You can read it here...

All the best with the new site Col.



  1. Lily- Thanks for the breaking news on Col. The site is very nice and your story was excellent, as usual. You are in great company too! congrats.

  2. The first half was gripping, then I wondered where we were going until the watcher arrived on the scene ... nice twisty ending. Well done!

  3. Cheers for the shout, Lil.
    And what a crackin' story, unlike anything I've read before (apart from when I last read it!). Class.
    Ps. Thanks, Sean.


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