Wednesday, 26 January 2011

February Femmes Fatales - Coming Soon

The closing date for invited entries has now passed and submissions are all in. I am very excited by the prospect of selecting the final twenty-eight tomorrow. It's going to be tough, but so worth it. More news very soon.

Original Post:

In my travels across the blogosphere, on forums, in print - and right here on Lily's Friday Prediction I have had the honour of rubbing literary shoulders with many talented writers.

It is now my pleasure to announce, or rather tease you with news of a collection of work to be showcased here on The Feardom. Offered up in a goblet of delicious darkness, the words of a different Femme Fatale of the Fiction world will feature every day throughout February.

Submissions from invited writers are already coming in. I'm looking forward to choosing the final twenty-eight pieces to spread fear into your heart, turn your blood cold and make you shudder with... ah, now that would be telling.


  1. This sounds awesome, and I can't wait to read each and every one.

  2. Sounds a great idea, Lily. Looking forward to it!!

  3. Great idea, Lil.
    Did you get my entry?

  4. Thank Sean, David and LaDame Collette. Really looking forward to presenting this. We've got some great names signed up - talented, marvellous creatures - all of them.

  5. Good luck choosing- It is a wonderous idea and I'm looking forward to reading all those fabulous fatal femmes!

  6. I am stunned at the quality of all the entries so far.

    As there are just four days left, I'm sending out tendrils - anyone else got something for us?


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