Sunday, 30 January 2011

Author Listing - February Femmes Fatales

After re-reading all the entries from my invited guest writers I am very excited to now announce the authors who are taking part in the inaugural February Femmes Fatales.

  • Susan May James
  • Asuqi
  • Marissa Farrar
  • Lily Childs
  • R.S. Bohn
  • Lou Treleaven
  • A.J. Humpage
  • Laurita Miller
  • Sue Harding
  • Pixie J. King
  • Erin Cole
  • Jodi MacArthur
  • Dorothy Davies (Antonia Woodville)
  • Ellie Garratt
I received twenty-four exceptional pieces of fiction and poetry, all of which easily 'made the grade'. I have added four previously-unpublished works of my own to complete the 28 days. I feel privileged to be in such divine company.

I can't wait for the 1st Feb to post the first, delicious story from a fabulous Femme Fatale.

Don't forget to come back! You are in for some very dark pleasure indeed.


  1. What I'm most excited about is that there are a few ladies whose work I'm not familiar with. Yay!!!!! I can't wait!

  2. Same here :) I'm very excited to be a part of this!

  3. Can't wait to dig in!

    Thanks Lily for the opportunity to take part!


  4. Sounds very cool. Know some of the names and looking forward to learning more about the others.

  5. Absolutely, this is going to be a rare treat for a normally dull month! And thanks for including me, Lily, a great honour!

  6. Looking forward to a Fearsome February!

  7. I've just got in from work and this has made my day. Thank you, Lily, and congratulations to all the chosen authors. I feel honoured to be amongst them.

  8. I'll throw another "blokes" cap in to the ring and say I'm really looking forward to it as well. Good on you, Lily! I'm sure we're in for a Fab Feb!!

  9. Looking forward to reading all these. Fab line up!

  10. Damn fine list. There are many women on there that I have high regard for.

  11. This was a great idea, so looking forward to this, and thank yuo, Lily. <3

  12. Thanks for having me, Lily! I'm looking forward to reading everyone elses pieces. And hello to the ladies I already know...for those I don't, it's lovely to meet you!

  13. Stunned but thrilled!

    Thankyou for deeming me worthy to share the stage with so many talented writers.

    Looking forward to making an accquaitance with the work of some new names here, too!

  14. Not a femme fatale by any stretch of the imagination but will be pleased to take an aller-retour ticket and come back in February to scare myself silly in here. Are you insured, folks? Buckle up tight now, the ride will soon begin.
    Great idea, Child Lily ...

  15. Just one day to go before the first Femme Fatale takes the stage with a delicious piece of fiction. And it's a killer.

  16. Finally the snow has stopped, I have internet again, and I can say how awesome this month is going to be. Some familiar names, some I have yet to meet, but I'm looking forward to every single story. Thanks, Lily.

  17. a wonderful cadre - i do hope the boys will get equal footing at some point ..look forward to all these ladies scarin' the bejeebers out of me..


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