Thursday, 18 November 2010

Prediction Winner

I truly, madly, deeply don't know where to start. Were we (nearly) all on the same wavelength this week or what?

  • The heat and smoke of Michael Solender's self-made hell in Fate's Cruel Deliverance stifled our desperate senses.
  • Uriel's Journal, Day 2 by Chris Allinotte sees the Archangel trapped - in solitude and punishment, surrounded by freedom.
  • David Barber's Two Blokes should be on stage. Brilliant play on words and an almost deliberate beligerence. Who's playing with who (or should that be whom?)
  • AJ Humpage chilled us to the very bone with her extraordinary detail and vivid conclusion, in Uriel's Punishment.
  • The terrifying and destructive Cult Kestrel crept silently in the background of Pixie J. King's fairy tale Message From Uriel.
  • AidanF's Scandinavian myth tore cold scars through this heart, as it broke with the kestrel's distress.
  • Dangerous bondage fluttered yet stiffened as Uriel prepared his lover in R.S. Bohn's peep show.
  • The chilling Final Prophecy by William Davoll introduced us to cult-murderer Alan, killing in the name of...
  • My own entry What You Wish For played a game between good and evil, suggesting what you pray for won't necessarily be what you get.
  • We drift in and out of consciousness with Bill Owens' disturbing telling of a dark and twisted magic, and the death of a bride.
  • Sean Patrick Reardon flies in with kestrel's wings and gives us something completely different with Wholesale; modern day thiefs and priests, potentially interchangeable.
  • In Sue H's The Sentinel Uriel is the ultimate guardian angel, throbbing with the golden light of protection.

Because of its cold, stark and truly heart-breaking quality I am choosing AidanF as this week's winner. I genuinely felt pain as I read this, despite its white and wild beauty. Congratulations Aidan.

AJ Humpage's stunning use of description in Uriel's Punishment means she receives the runner-up's virtual silver statue. Well done Ally.

Not long until UK midnight. Reckon 19th November's Challenge will be an early one...
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