Thursday, 25 March 2010

Carpaccio by Lily Childs

My latest chiller is now up at Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers. Thanks, Matt.

It's Carpaccio, by Lily Childs (c). As always, not for the delicate of heart.


"I prepared a new entry for tonight. A eulogy.
I didn’t usually record the times and dates of their deaths because that made it kind of final. I liked the idea that the agony would go on forever."
"I went to my wardrobe; it had a brassy padlock hanging from the double handles. I unlocked it with the key I kept in my wallet. On the top shelf was a book. I’d been keeping it for years - since Jean-Paul. I recorded them all after they passed on.
My beautiful boys.
In the last few years I’d made some additional entries."
"I had to dispose of my short-term girlfriend. I didn’t have much choice, she was too far gone."
Hope you enjoy it. It's salty. Read Carpaccio...

My Body Is A Cage

If you're not disturbed and thrilled by this track by Arcade Fire, and the accompanying video excerpt from Ennio Morricone's 'Once Upon A Time In The West' then you have no soul.

Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.