Saturday, 20 February 2010

Brit Writers' Awards etc

The deadline for the Brit Writers' Awards is up on  Friday 26th Feb at 5pm.

So far, I have submitted two stories and have several more to add, plus a poetry collection, but their site seems to have crashed so maybe it's been overwhelmed with last-minute entries.

Lee Hughes very kindly told me about the Sword & Sorceress Anthology 25 so I have a fantasy piece all ready for that. Not allowed to submit until the 17th April though and they're very strict - don't want my knuckles rapped! Or worse, my story rejected because I was too keen and sent it too early.

Overall, I've been trying to get this year's competition calendar organised. I've got pieces ready to submit to some and ideas for others. I am determined to make 2010 the year I get paid for writing.
And then of course there's Bridport (quakes in shoes). I have no chance in hell, but you have to have a go, don't you. Good luck to everyone entering comps this year.
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