Saturday, 16 January 2010

Kate Bushing

And now I'm YouTubing Miss Kate, which will be no surprise really.

It's one of those cases of,... if you know you know.

Sorry, for those who don't.

And for those who know me....

Possibly my favourite Kate track, Lord of the Reedy River:

Bit sloshed

Nothing interesting in me being sloshed. But I'm having a Mod revival evening and oh, there's so much I love. The Action, Ken Boothe (first record I ever bought was Everything I Own - in Boots - upstairs in the Eastbourne store (upstairs isn't there any more).

We've gone through Prince Buster, Geno Washington (to die for - SO cool), Marvin, Patsy and Derrick, Shangri-Las (go beyond Leader of the Pack - you will quake in your boots . If you don't wear boots then you're probably not welcome here).

This is all trivial - Northern Soul is unchartered territory for some, even for (Michael, the...) lovers.
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