Wednesday, 13 January 2010

It's up! Silhouette - Clarity of Night

My story, 'Take Me Down, Sir' - entry no 189, is up!

You can read it here

Silhouette - Clarity of Night

Just submitted my last minute entry for Silhouette - Clarity of Night comp at which closes tomorrow. It's a previously unwritten excerpt from Magenta Shaman.

Thanks Lee (Hughes) - saw it on your blog today. Read your story too - excellent. And David Barber's. And Chris Allinotte's, Paul D Brazill's, Alan Griffiths, Stephen Hill's, Michael J. Solender's and Angel Zapata's. All so brilliant - like I've got a hope in hell!

Also submitted a story 'Pretty Pinheads' to TKnC - even if it is a bit too long (smiles nicely).

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