Friday, 8 January 2010

Alcohol Abuse

It makes me cross that the government's answer to dealing with rife alcohol abuse is to make more money out of it by putting the prices up and adding an extra tax. This is SO TRANSPARENT!!!! Where's the guarantee they would even put the money back into the NHS?

Putting a label on bottles to tell people what damage it does? Cause, right, they're gonna read it. "Oh, I'll just buy this litre of voddie, but - oh no! It might cause severe damage to my liver. In that case, I'll replace it on the shelf and will never drink alcohol again, or at least, will drink in moderation."

Instead, why not ask WHY people do it?

Why not deal with the root cause?

How about giving young people something better to do than going out and getting lashed?

Why not invest in sports development like other countries do?

How about accepting that many young (and older!) people are creative and artistic and need an outlet, rather than using alcohol, drugs or other means to explore their visions?

Accountants should not make these decisions. 
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