Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Voice of an Angel

The wonderful author and poet Angel Zapata has launched a gorgeous quarterly flash e-zine 5x5 Fiction: Stories Told Loud and Clear.

Angel is looking for "exceptional stories to shout from rooftops. Complete stories (not rantings or poems) must be exactly 25 words long, told in exactly 5 sentences, with each sentence comprised of exactly 5 words."

This is a very exciting new flash challenge. Do go visit, do submit...



  1. Can't wait to see what you are going to throw at him ; )

  2. I've thrown one in so far, and will probably try to get at least two more in at or around the holidays.

    It's a challenge, and no mistake - but I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished "zine!"

  3. Hey Lily

    Thanks for getting the word out. I've now posted a preview which, hopefully, will offer some specific clarity on what I'm expecting to see from writers. Stop by 5x5 for details.


  4. Ditto Erin! And Chris.

    Thanks for the examples over at 5x5 Angel. Looking forward to it.

  5. It looks fantastic. I'll be trying it over the festivities.


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