Thursday, 18 November 2010

Prediction Winner

I truly, madly, deeply don't know where to start. Were we (nearly) all on the same wavelength this week or what?

  • The heat and smoke of Michael Solender's self-made hell in Fate's Cruel Deliverance stifled our desperate senses.
  • Uriel's Journal, Day 2 by Chris Allinotte sees the Archangel trapped - in solitude and punishment, surrounded by freedom.
  • David Barber's Two Blokes should be on stage. Brilliant play on words and an almost deliberate beligerence. Who's playing with who (or should that be whom?)
  • AJ Humpage chilled us to the very bone with her extraordinary detail and vivid conclusion, in Uriel's Punishment.
  • The terrifying and destructive Cult Kestrel crept silently in the background of Pixie J. King's fairy tale Message From Uriel.
  • AidanF's Scandinavian myth tore cold scars through this heart, as it broke with the kestrel's distress.
  • Dangerous bondage fluttered yet stiffened as Uriel prepared his lover in R.S. Bohn's peep show.
  • The chilling Final Prophecy by William Davoll introduced us to cult-murderer Alan, killing in the name of...
  • My own entry What You Wish For played a game between good and evil, suggesting what you pray for won't necessarily be what you get.
  • We drift in and out of consciousness with Bill Owens' disturbing telling of a dark and twisted magic, and the death of a bride.
  • Sean Patrick Reardon flies in with kestrel's wings and gives us something completely different with Wholesale; modern day thiefs and priests, potentially interchangeable.
  • In Sue H's The Sentinel Uriel is the ultimate guardian angel, throbbing with the golden light of protection.

Because of its cold, stark and truly heart-breaking quality I am choosing AidanF as this week's winner. I genuinely felt pain as I read this, despite its white and wild beauty. Congratulations Aidan.

AJ Humpage's stunning use of description in Uriel's Punishment means she receives the runner-up's virtual silver statue. Well done Ally.

Not long until UK midnight. Reckon 19th November's Challenge will be an early one...


  1. Those were my top two picks! Well deserved, them!

  2. Congratulations to the winner and runner up! Superb stories, to the point when I had no inspiration because I felt it had all been said.

    Let's see what this week's challenge brings...

  3. I am honored. Ironically, I was in Scandinavia when I wrote the piece.


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