Friday, 12 November 2010

Prediction Winner

As I read each one of last week's Friday Prediction entries I was struck, as always by how much talent there is out there, and knew I was in for a hard time again in judging.

Your comments are all really valuable and are appreciated by everyone. So please - don't stop!

Let's summarise the offerings:

  • R. S. Bohn kicked off with a gorgeous, earthy bit of slap and tickle tinged with regret.
  • Chris Allinotte smooched onto the stage and drummed up some ghosts of music past with Midnight at the Bluenote Lounge.
  • Bill Owens' neighbour wrote a diabolical note that sent out a terrifying message
  • Sue H's chilling poem In Memorium screamed of the waste of war, and the pride we should feel in our dead.
  • David Barber cleverly tricked us into believing his character was a poor, forgetful old boy in A Dark Past.
  • Erin Cole's brutal fight of passion and anger spat out the hopelessness in so many love affairs, in Love and Hate, and Somewhere In Between
  • My Waste Away found an ignored and neglected woman taking her final breath of revenge
  • Antonia Woodville doubled up, causing us to applaud when Ted has enough of the gossiping, nagging Flora and then shudder as grave robbers unearth their decaying treasure
  • AidanF whisked us away to a magical land of warted and clawed battling gremlins
  • AJ Humpage sang a sad song of sweet regret as rain poured down on an addict's escape into oblivion, in One Last Look
  • Pixie J. King's narrator in Broken Dreams turned her back on the boss and lived the dream. One day...

Honestly, this was so difficult; I loved each one for different reasons, but the winner is Sue Harding's poem In Memorium because its subject is so tragic, so poignant, so timely. It touches us all. In Memorium is beautifully written - and reads so well out loud too. Congratulations Sue.

I also have to give a runner-up statue (big silver thing) this week, to Erin Cole, because Love and Hate, and Somewhere In Between truly left me breathless.

Well done everyone. The Prediction will be back with three new words for breakfast in the UK, maybe a late supper (?) on the other side of the Atlantic.



  1. Yes, wise choice, Lily. BRAVO Sue!!!!! Well deserved.

  2. Yes, well deserved!

    I have to say, I was struck by the strength of every single entry. Someone said, "What a collection," and I echo that. Amazing work all around.

  3. Hehe big silver thing. That tickled me, as it would. Congrats to both of you! And to everyone else, it just gets better each week.

  4. Thanks, Lily! :-) (and everyone else, too!)
    I'm not often moved to poetry but last week's word-prompts conjured up that smbre scene and the words just flowed.

    Lily - I have to say I'm amazed each week at how three little words can be interpreted in such varied stories - Bravo everyone!!!

    And thanks, too,Lily, for providing this platform each week for us to get up and 'do' our bit!!! ;-)

  5. Thanks, Lily! These fun little challenges you feature really do bring in some outstanding little writes, and I'm honored to be chosen. Sue definitely hit the mark on hers, and I loved the rest of them too.
    Happy Friday!


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