Saturday, 27 November 2010

David Sylvian - Exquise

How disturbingly beautiful is this? The title track taken from David Sylvian's new compilation "Sleepwalkers"

David Sylvian "Sleepwalkers" from Samadhisound on Vimeo.

Photography by Kristamas Klousch.

Go to David Sylvian's website for more info...


  1. Yes, I like that. You could see it being used in a horror film somewhere in the future.

    It's a far cry from this though......

    Have a great weekend, Lily. Not got round to Friday Prediction yet. Will write something later.


  2. Yes, but I like Second That Emotion too for different reasons.

    I went into HMV yesterday and they were playing Forbidden Colours. I couldn't leave until it had finished - with a tear in my eye. Genius.

    Look forward to seeing your Prediction piece. Enjoy your weekend - hope you're not too snowed in.

  3. We had a couple of inches last night. My girls have been pulling each other round the garden this morning on ther sledge. £9.99 wasn't wasted last year then. :-)

  4. I always loved David Sylvians work from my first awkward slow dance at a school disco to Ghosts. Also love his work with Sakamoto. Thanks for sharing Lily, I've been so wrapped up in the mighty leagues new album I wasn't aware of this new work.


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