Sunday, 31 October 2010

Strange photo

This evening hubby wanted to take some photos of me for a drawing he's planning. Now we don't have a posh David Barber camera but it'll do.

The photo below - though a little blurred - freaked us out a bit - look at the backdrop - can you see the face? Like a child's drawing. It's not on any of the other pics. Also there's an orb (though I'm a right cynic over those - probably a speck of dust,)

Your thoughts? (Click on it to view full size).



  1. Hmm... spooky indeed. Always say yer never know, Lil. I've got quite a few 'strange' photos me-self. Have a look at the photo gallery on my blog - the one of Mandy 'n' I on our wedding day...

  2. The wedding day photo is beautiful. I wouldn't care if there was a scientific explanation - it looks like a sparking benediction to me.

  3. Looks a little like a jack o' lantern face to me. How apropo. :) (and a wee bit creepy.)

  4. See what you mean Chris. It looks very happy to me. Even though it seems to have only one eye and a broken nose.

    If it's simply a crease in the black paper, so be it. If it is a manifestation - with a smile like that - I'm not worried.

    It's a different being to the one in my kitchen though (very tall lady who turns the taps on and pushes me on the shoulder.)

    Ho hum.

  5. Hey Lily it looks like there are two orbs as well. The "obvious" one but there also seems to be one above your head, slightly off centre. Unless it's just a circle on the paper??

    Halloween creepiness! Fantastic!

    (Not got your email??)

  6. Its the supernatural forces that followed you for writing such excellent vampire stories. That's a way cool pic!

  7. Very appropriately Halloweeny, Lily. Love it.

  8. This is very wierd and unsettling. Good picture of you by the way, you remind me of 70's version of Ann Wilson of Heart. A compliment of the highest order!

    Col- The wedding photo is equally surreal.

  9. I'm always leary of happy people...they're hiding something, right?

    What I think is creepy about that photo is the color of the backdrop, or the texture, and your position in it, being lower in the frame, as if there is something looming over you - that kind of feeling. Cool shot anyway, and you look superb with dark hair and red lips!

  10. Ooo...that is a bit spooky! Very strange.

  11. Thanks everyone for your interesting observations.

    David, the more I look at it, the more I seem to see bloomin' circles around me bonce! (Sent the email again, btw).

    Erin - black hair, red lips... 't'is I! I don't go out without them.

  12. Very weird indeed. I looked at it from a different perspective: if you take the 'smile' as actually the darkness inside a hood, it could almost be a hooded monk looming over you and peering down on you.
    Grim...if you get my drift?


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