Friday, 15 October 2010

Pustula Peculiar joins Daily Bites of Flesh

So I'm watching some dark and dirty Kings of Leon vids and get an email from Jessy Marie Roberts, Pill Hill Press editor to say my Zombietta short story Pustula Peculiar has been accepted into Daily Bites of Flesh 2011. The track I'm listening to is the perfect theme tune.

Pustula Peculiar joins my earlier piece Spangles. It's always nice to double up.

There are loads of great authors in this 365 day anthology. Can't wait to get it.

Thanks Jessy!


  1. Woo hoo! Great news Lily :)
    Looking forward to reading them both!

  2. Moi aussi, Monsieur Chapman, moi aussi!

    A la votre - as in 'up yours' (in the nicest possible sense).

    Look forward to having a gander at your pair too. Ooh-er.

    Sorry - really don't know what came over me there. Are there any Carry On films piping subliminally through the blogosphere?

  3. à la tienne...

    Well I'll show you my pair if you show me yours!

    Actually I might have a pair of pairs if my other submissions are accepted :P Fingers crossed!

    Reckon we can get a whole month between us if we submit like crazy?? Let's get Lee on board as well :D

  4. Think I'm all sub'd out for the mo. so this is provably it apart from one very special unmentionable other. Oooh?!

    Trying to concentrate on the novel and the Magenta Shaman series.

    Anyway - I whipped your hotmail address off TB and will whack my pair over to you. Do show me yours by return!

  5. Whoop, whoop! I can't wait to read everyone's bites of flesh!

    I've nominated you for an award, Lily. See my blog for details.

  6. Great news, Lily. I was just thinking about PHP this morning and considering sending something out to them. I got the newsletter and noticed they still had open submissions. I've got a piece in the same antho. It'll be great seeing our names in print. :-)

    I've contributed to your Friday Prediction BTW.

  7. Ewww - just read Steven's. Gross and great.

    Ellie - aw thanks! Just posted my reply on your lovely blog.

    David - it's wonderful to be in such great company.

    Just commented on your excellent spooky prediction entry.

  8. This will definitely be on my Christmas wish list! Congratulations on both acceptances and what a cool cover too.

  9. Congrats on teh pub, Lily! And one's gotta lve those Kings of Loen vids. Thnks for swning by my site. ;-)


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