Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Oh, The Mission Predicted It All

One of my fave old (true) Goth bands The Mission wrote a fantastic, vicious, hateful song Mercenary. It's full of invective, spitting anger and lots and lots of 'F' words (ooh!) It was written in 1990 - when I left the UK after Thatcher screwed the country and sent it to its knees.

After today's Spending Review in the UK this is the song I've been playing all evening. Indulge me and view it below if you fancy joining me in a rant. No proper vid I'm afraid but it helpfully provides the marvellous lyrics to sing along to. It so helps when chopping the veg...



  1. Sometimes, there is nothing better than a f*@king rant, and to put it into punk goth is commendable!

    I'm about ready to leave the circus show in the US - unbelievable the people in office now days...they don't even know the damn constitution and are hell bent on wanting to help those who, frankly, don't deserve it! It's a no win situation. This song is just right.
    : )

  2. Glad you like the track.
    It's short & punchy & straight to the point!
    I personally think The Mission were more a rock band than goth,wayne hussey hates the goth tag,but who cares,it's the music that matters.

  3. Hmmmnnn. Thanks 'Anonymous' ;)

    It is indeed about the music - I still listen; inspiring.


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