Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Grub Up

Just hawking up another oldie. Grub Up was first published on Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers in May 2009. It's a tasty little thing I thought I might regurgitate just to share with you.

GRUB UP by Lily Childs

Vanessa was skeletal. I could barely get any meat off her bones so I just gnawed away at the stringy flesh. Sinews snapped back at my face; her bone marrow was measly to say the least. I sighed. I’d starve at this rate.

I sat back and surveyed the remains of my late cousin. I’d tried, so hard to turn her away when I found her at my front door.

‘Only passing by. Haven’t seen you for ages; thought I’d pop in’.

She was through the door before I could push her out. Apparently she didn’t know I have certain tastes. And that I’ve been particularly hungry lately.

I was still ravenous, despite my skinny-size meal, but I knew it was risky to go out hunting because I get careless going in for the kill. Yet thoughts of feeding made saliva drip in my mouth, washing my gums, plumping my tongue.

I hesitated, wanting to dare, needing to feast. No. I couldn’t do it; it was too dangerous. I’d have to go without. Dejected I slumped down onto the threadbare sofa and grazed on Vanessa’s innards. I jumped as the phone rang. Snatching it off its cradle I answered.

‘Who is it?’

‘Is she there?’

‘What?’ I didn’t recognise the voice.

‘It’s Ben, Vanessa’s boyfriend. I’m outside your building. Is she there?’ My heart smiled and I spoke to the pining lover.

‘Yes Ben. She’s here. She’s sitting in the corner. Come on up – we’ll wait for you.’

I hung up the phone, leaving it off the hook. Quickly I formed my cousin’s leftovers into a skeletal pyre, burying her long red hair in its centre; its scalp still attached. Returning to the window I lingered, watching fat boy make his way across the street. The juices were already stirring in my belly.


  1. Awesome read, Lily. I wasn't on the "scene" May last year so missed this one. Thanks for regurgitating it! :-)

  2. Well done Lily. You make him sound so eerily "normal". That's what sells it for me.

    Great write.

  3. YIKES! That was unnerving. Nice read.

  4. That was awesome, Lily. Thrilling and chilling!

  5. Hehe, gross and great all together!

  6. Cheers everyone. Apologies for not responding earlier; Blogger took it upon itself to not email me when you commented.

    Hope you all come back for this Friday's Prediction.


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